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pg 201, Firearms example

She goes for the 4-Edge boost of adding
her Edge rating of 5 to her dice pool. That gives
her a dice pool of 15, which becomes a pool of
7 and a pool of 8. The pool of 7 dice does poorly—only 1 hit. The pool of 8 gets 2 hits, but both
are 6s, so she can roll them again to get more
hits. She gets 1 more, for a total of 3.
The gamemaster rolls a single defense test
of 4 dice for the gangers. They get 1 hit. That
means the dice pool of 7 missed, but the dice
pool of 8 got 2 net hits.

Emphasis mine - ties go to the attacker in 6e, the Mossberg hit for base damage.

pg 203, Fireball example

AR/DR comparison is never made
Gangers should also have Burning (5) applied (and so probably not even make it out alive)

pg 203, unspecified matrix test example
AR/DR never called for
The test is never named, we have to infer that it's the Trace Icon action.

pg. 35, Blue Collar Laborer

This Life Path only gives 3 advancements.  Every other path gives 4.  It may be missing a Resources: 25,000 advancement like every other occupation themed life path.

Added thank you.

Gender Transmorphism, no rules


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