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Hmm. Not that it ever got particularly big or popular, but I am guessing Prime Missions are no longer a thing?

Prime Missions will still be a thing, but we are removing the where once you do a Prime Mission that you can't go back and do other CMP or SRM.

Michael Chandra:
So no 5 Initiations in chargen anymore, explicit note that you can't use SAPs to make use of the raised Maximum, explicit ability to transfer character to future cities later on...

Can go "hey we're tough, bring it on a higher difficulty!" but only at entire-table agreement.

Work for the Man/People restricted to 1 point at equal trade level, now a Minor Downtime Action. So not up-to-5 Major, but 1 Minor. And less hostile to karma-buyers now. It's also limited to once per downtime period!

NOTE: I don't see the statement about impact on Total Karma Earned anymore?

So if you pay karma to join Healthcare and then spend a Minor per month (so per 2 SRMs) to aid community, you can sell augmentations back at full price, making after-chargen changing less of a trap. And you can convert Karma into a LOT of nuyen, for augmentations. I really like this change, it's a real nice way for people to upgrade their ware.

Cyberjack upgrade rule ditched, which likely is because of the Healthcare thing.

GMs allowed to restrict Teamwork tests, explicit restriction on In Debt, Stolen Gear clarified to not give you karma but simply being in line with In Debt, Build-a-Runner and First Taste now officially added as part of Seattle Arc.

So if you're a Prime Runner, and team up with other tough people, you can raise the difficulty instead of just retiring. I like this, it's not that easy at conventions, but it's quite nice for people running with the same group a lot.

TKE becomes less of a thing with the fact that you can do Prime Missions if you want. With the limit of 1 trade in, it also has less impact on the power level of the character.

Cyberjacks fall under augmentations so they get to take advantage of the Healthcare alliance.

I hope that folks enjoy keeping the characters around longer and being able to really push themselves with higher challenges..

Sir Ludwig:
I noticed it referenced Banshee's Matrix FAQ.  It's that "official" now?



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