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I don't suppose we have any news on No Future errata release dates?

Considering it was released before the CRB, yeah

Hm. Possibly another Errata issue.

The "No Future" book has expanded Audio and Visual Enhancement options that come in Ratings 4-6. (p160) This was pretty clearly modeled on the 5th Edition version of the Enhancements which had Ratings 1-3. However, No Future fails to specify how the Rating works, what bonuses you get per Rating point, etc.

For 5th Edition play, this isn't a problem, you just extend the existing Enhancement rules which give you a +1 Dice Pool bonus per Rating Point.

However, in 6th Edition, Audio and Visual Enhancements no longer have a rating, they just give you a flat +1 dice pool bonus for the relevant tests. Do the expanded enhancements still do the same thing, adding 4 to 6 dice to relevant tests? Or should they really be errata'd to give a flat bonus of some type, maybe a second +1 dice pool bonus, or possibly Edge?

Stainless Steel Devil Rat:
We've got a No Future errata doc that should go live soon.  This issue was indeed addressed.

Hm. AutoVoice from No Future again.

We did get ruling for SRM on how to use it in 6th edition since it being from a pre-6E book had 5E rules references - basically in SRM it gives a bonus die per level to Singing skill test (Vocal Expansion also got errata'd for SRM into giving a Social rating bump.)

The book ALSO has a 'hacked' version that "allows for more illegal operation" that costs four times as much and has, predictably, an 'Illegal' legality rating. However, the book fails to say exactly what those illegal operations are.

What would an illegal version do?


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