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So Im somewhat new to the lore (started 5e) but Neo Anarchist Streetpedia mentions a character named Stardust. An elf who evidently filled in the writer of the "Fourth World" section about lots of details. Their own section implies they aren't Harlequin or Ehran. None of the other elves I could find reference to seem to fit. So who are they?

The closest thing I can think of is the "Star Chamber," a branch of the Tir Tairngire government. Possibly a reference?

Elves that they are not:
* Leonardo. Goes by Brightlight.
* Aina/Alachia. One of them goes by Hecate, I am unsure which. Neither of them seem the sharing type, and Aina is dead. Maybe. (Was the Better than Bad thing canon?)
* Lady Brane. Too young.
* Jane Foster. Too young, goes by Frosty. She's the most likely to share info, but I doubt that Harlequin would tell her anything useful. In any case, it'd make more sense for her to post as Frosty if this were the case, since she already has a presence on Jackpoint.
* Jenna Ni'Fairra. Too young.

Elves they could be, but based on personality I doubt it:
* Aithne Oakforest
* Lugh Surehand
* Urdli

Elves that might be:
* Unnamed newcomer

Non-immortal elf possibilities (Mostly WMG and nonsense):
* Garlthik One-Eye. Supposedly a long-lived ork, possibly immortal. I suspect dragons, not "steals a day back from death" or w/ever every night. Highly unlikely due to SR/ED split.
* Immortal Human. There is some precedent w/ Black Lodge lore, but unlikely- the oldest "immortal humans" were only around 400-500 years old. Unlikely due to SR/ED split.
* Dragon. They aren't the sharing type, but they aren't above posing as other metatypes. Highly unlikely.

Edit: Ack! Forgot the actual Stardust entry. He's almost assuredly a "newcomer:"

Stardust fooled them all
Hiding from nÓg and Tairngire

This indicates that Stardust has not interacted with either elven nation.

And the motley-faced fool
Played dead back in ’16
Sixty-four years hence

He has a distinctive appearance (Motley-face). He faked his death shortly after the awakening (Explaining why he hasn't appeared in any books).

He played with others then,
Now he just wants to break the rules
Once he made love with Gaia,
Mr. Jones tried to heal us all
But the elders weren’t worthy
So he cursed their souls away
And now he’ll make them all pay

Assuming "Gaia" is Earth, this elf used to love nature. "Mr. Jones" might be a Johnson from Drawing Destiny who used the same name. I haven't read the book yet, so I can't say for sure what "healing" Mr. Jones might've done. Either way, Motley decided he no longer liked the "elders." This could refer to dragons, immortal elves, all of the above, or maybe just a sect of them. Because he "made love" with the Earth, presumably this means it is no longer the case. Speculation, but perhaps Stardust is a toxic shaman? That's not pretty for an immortal elf.

I don't know if "curse" means verbal curse or magical.

Motley’s really gone,

Stardust isn't the same person anymore ("motley-faced"

and the scribus is dour

The writing is set in stone (The writing's on the wall, in other words)

They wasted the time,
the days and the hours
Nothing is sacred,
No, no not any more
Settled will be the score.



No idea who this is. It could be Stardust's initials, but just as likely it is not.

Couldn't it simply be the first mention of an Immortal Elf not yet mentioned from the 4th age?

Yeah, I think it is, based on the Stardust entry. Sorry, was revising my post when you posted

I think you broke things at the wrong place in one case:

Stardust fooled them all
Hiding from nÓg and Tairngire
And the motley-faced fool

So he hid from the Tir's, and from 'the motley-faced fool' which is a pretty clear description of Harlequin (at least to me).  Meaning really that he hid from all the immortal elf factions.

and then when Motley comes back in:

Motley’s really gone,
and the scribus is dour
They wasted the time,
the days and the hours

I assumed it was saying that Harlequin is gone (off to fetch Aine from the metaplanes?  Trapped out there?), while Ehran the Scribe is ... Depressed?  Pissed off?  Just generally not happy with the world and staying out of things?  And that those two have wasted their time in the sixth world so far.  But wasted it in regards to what?  Stopping Stardust?  Doing something else that isn't directly addressed here?

The only other thing that jumped out to me was parallels with Feuerschwinge.  (spoilers ahead for Shadowrun Dragonfall, don't read on if you don't wan to know.  Great game by the way)
[spoiler]It is revealed in the game that Feuerschwinge did not die in 2014, and had only attacked cities because the dragon had been a defender of nature in the 4th world and couldn't stand the industrial blight that it found.  There is an option for the player to free the somewhat restored dragon to let it go to Amazonia[/spoiler].  2014 not 2016, dragon not elf.  But similar enough that it jumped out to me.

Nothing is sacred,
No, no not any more
Settled will be the score.

Suggests to me someone who is willing to settle scores without caring about the damage to what they used to hold sacred, in this case 'Gaia'.

So, a potential protagonist or antagonist in 6th edition metaplot? 


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