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E-mails being blocked


Baby Rigger:
I think my ISP is blocking E-mails from the site. I tried to reset my password multiple times but never received a email. I had to create this account using a alt Email. Do know what the site admins can do about but its something I think they should be aware of.

Sadly, that would be your ISP you would have to contact,

OR, it could be your security settings for your computer/email/antivirus software.

Silly question for you, did you check for a "Spam" or "trash" box in your email software, and did you check them for the email?

Baby Rigger:
Yup checked the spam box,nothing. I think others have had the same problem.

ALL the email from the site end up in my trash bin,

But that is because they are not on my "trusted" list.

(Nor will they ever, but that is different reason)

The site rarely sends email. Check everyday is always the safe way.


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