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Has the forum lost nearly all formatting for anyone else? The forum still works, but all I'm seeing is barely formatted text...

The same for me on iOS. I havenít tried on a pc yet though so cannot tell whether itís the same.

Browsing on an android with Chrome, myself. So it appears cross-platform.

Yeah, it's on the PC too.  I've seen it happen a couple times, usually it just gets better after a bit, like when the site goes down.  It does make it difficult to do much on here in the meantime, but hey, this site's been around for a while I think.

Chummer 5 is Alive:
They're trying to serve CSS and JS(!) via HTTP, while the forums are served via HTTPS. Can't mix protocols like that, so your browser drops the lowest. Looks like their certificate might not cover the CDN. It'll run in IE with a spooky warning each time you navigate to the page, if you're desperate.


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