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How to make a cosmetics company a interesting run target?

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I came up with a corp for PCs to do runs against if I ever get Shadowrun. The basic concept is a cosmetics company called Siren that is based in Athens, Greece. My question is how could a cosmetics company make for a interesting foe for Shadowrunners?

Cosmetics are made from God-knows-what chemicals and biological products, some of which are banned in certain parts of the world for various reasons (toxicity, being derived from endangered species, etc.).

You're basically sending your PCs into the Acme Chemical plant from Batman (1989).

Eric da MAJ:
- The company might have stumbled across a chemical combo more useful for other applications - poison, antidote, drug

- It might be a hidden subsidiary of a AAA

- It might be experimenting on animals - or metahumans

- It might be a front for developing something entirely different

- It might be a money laundering front for an organized crime syndicate or policlub

- It might be fighting to stay independent of a AAA - or on the verge of bankruptcy and hoping the AAA will buy it

- It might be run by a cruel hag who wants to branch out into puppy based fur coats (OK I'm reaching)

Oh lord, there're dozens of ways. Depends on what you want to do, really.

Want to make 'em evil? Animal testing triggers quick reactions. Toss in some rabbits that are lumpy with tumors, chemically-blinded dogs, etc, and the players will go from "Meh, just a corp" to, "We're blowing this place into kindling."

Need to make 'em big? The cosmetics industry is big, but spin it as a subsidiary for a beauty empire (Publishes magazines, beauty tips, reviews fashion, heck, has a line of fashion, etc) and you get several angles where they can be re-used.

Need to make them influential? In addition to just having money, they can use their publishing arm and rumormill to savage people. A simple "Whjo's hot, who's not" regular feature or Enquirer-style candid shot-stalking can smear someone's reputation easily while good photo ops (Swing by our soup kitchen, go on our fashion shoot to remote backwater with gorgeous coast and take a few shots helping the starving kids there) can build someone up.

Scads more. What do you want to do, then we can figure out the how. :)

Why stop with animal subjects? It's a cyberpunk dystopia, they can totally have whole pens of chemically-scarred metahumans caged up somewhere to test their products. They might even participate in human trafficking to get their test stock.

They could have found that some of their failed products led to horrifying alterations in subjects' physiology or psychology, leading them to take steps into bio-engineering/life sciences as well cosmetics.

There's also the matter of silencing potential critics, which they could have their hands in.


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