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pg. 32

"Tasking: Summoning sprites, threading complex
forms, and other Matrix tasks. Technomancers only.
Cannot use untrained."

pg.  46

"Complex Forms: Technomancers have no
cyberdeck to hold programs. Instead they
possess complex forms, Shadow Amps that
replicate the effects of certain cyberdeck
programs. These are applied in Matrix-related
Tests and cybercombat just like standard
Shadow Amps."

"Compiling a sprite costs a full attack action. Success
on a Hacking Test summons one sprite of the chosen
type. A successfully conjured sprite acts like an NPC and
has its own NPC sheet, but unless the gamemaster says
otherwise, the player who compiled a sprite narrates the
sprite’s actions and rolls the sprite’s dice during their
own Narration.
A player may only have one compiled sprite at a time.
To compile another, the player must first either decompile it with a successful Hacking Test (upon which it will
return to the Resonance) or let its last Condition Monitor box get damaged.
Sprites are Matrix entities and thus can only be damaged in cybercombat or by another technomancer using
the Hacking Skill to decompile the sprite.
Decompiling a sprite into harmless, random lines of
code costs a full attack action. Use the Hacking Skill in a
cybercombat roll against the sprite’s defense dice. If the
roll succeeds, deal the sprite a number of damage equal
to the technomancer’s Logic."

So, should all of these instances of Hacking Skill be Tasking Skill? Are some of these things still covered by the Hacking Skill?  I'm not sure where to draw the line, but as it stands it doesn't look like Tasking actually does anything.

Just got my e-copy of Anarchy. Havn't read all through yet, but some points I stumbled upon were already posted above.

While converting from SR5 to Anarchy, a few skill-related questions popped up:

- Is it just me, or is putting "Etiquette" into "Con" rather weird. I would have thought it to be under "Negotiation" instead.

- Also, wouldn't "Impersonation" be a part of "Disguise"?

Finally, where do I put the following skills:
- Computer (Hacking?)
- Forgery (Con?)
- Locksmith (Electronics?)
- Demolitions (Heavy Weapons?)

From a "review":

Several sections of the book obviously use or refer to earlier, outdated versions of the rules. (One of many examples: P. 68: Your Runner starts with at least two weapons; the group must approve if you want more than two. In the example, Sledge selects four weapons. - P. 83: Sledge has a Level-1-Amp "More where that came from", granting "2 additional weapons" and the ability to "trade melee and ranged weapons", whatever that is supposed to mean. - P. 66: Sledge does not buy this Amp in the example for buying Shadow Amps. - P. 204: The Amp shows up in the complete listing of Amps, but with an Amp-Level of 2.)

Stats for vehicles and drones are missing (except for mounted vehicle weapons and "enemy drones"). This is a bug, not a feature - the rules do make reference to stats like vehicle armor or durability, for example, I just could not find these stats anywhere. Didn't anyone play a Rigger during playtesting?

Stats for Technomancer Sprites are missing completely.

Page 31: they give a +2 dice bonus (though not really clearly written)

Page 71: they give a +1 dice bonus

A couple more:

Plot Points on page 35 uses mention "alter a die roll"

Damage, Armor, and the Condition Monitor
"Stun represents nonlethal damage... magical drain..." Drain is not part of Anarchy

By the way, although I'm posting what I see as"issues" (and agree with those posted by others) I really do like Anarchy and am hoping the feedback gathered here will be taken onboard to make this a better product.


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