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Jayde Moon:

--- Quote from: Hobbes on ---Guarda (Spelling?) Guided Missile Drone.  Can be launched from a Vehicle Drone Rack?  Or do you need a Missile Launcher?  Or can they be fired Model Rocket style from a freestanding launch platform?

Since it's a Drone I would think you could just set it up in a Parking lot and launch it, then fly it around like a normal Drone.  RAW there isn't a Vehicle Drone Launcher for Missile sized Drones, but Small would seem the most likely fit. 

Also looking for suggestions on what a Technomancer should do with Nuyen once I've amassed a small swarm of Smartbombs.   8)

--- End quote ---

Free standing launch allowed.  Small Drone Rack Launch allowed.  Will not fit rocket or missile launchers.

I see that Chicago got a Submersion Group (Virtual Tribe), but Neo-Tokyo did not. Is it possible for Neo-Tokyo players to join the Chicago group, while we wait, since it is all digital?

On the topic of submersion and discounts:
For magical people the have ordeals and then the school for a discount total of 20%.
With technomancers we, now, have our school. The ordeal for technomancers is based on a deep run and all of the tests are left up to the GM. Is there a way to get the FAQ Committee to declare a test that technomancers can attempt to get the other 10% discount?

Jayde Moon:
A Virtual Tribe will be pushed out for Origins.  Look for that soon.

Ordeals were a little further than we were trying to put together, but I can certainly see if we can get some good ones!

Did the Tribe get announced? :)

Seperate question, I searched but did not see it addressed:

Bullets and Bandages is not SRM-legal. However, Rigger 5.0 is legal, and has an entry for the Aeroquip Dustoff flying drone from Bullets and Bandages. This entry, however, tells you to go see B&B for the stats.

Is the Aeroquip Dustoff Missions-Legal or not?

Also, in regards to the Garuda missle: "Additionally, the Garuda is small enough to be shoulder-launched, or it can be fired from a mounted missile launcher." (Rigger 5 p149)


Jayde Moon:
Thank YOU!

I do have a Tribe ready to go, unfortunately we were not able to finish an FAQ release pre-Origins like I wanted.  However, there will be a release ready for Gen Con.

For now, the Dustoff isn't Legal, but we'll be looking at touching on specific optional rules in our next release.


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