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Here are all the lists I have compiled for the Shadowrun 5 system. Each list will be updated as more material is released, but as always please make me aware of any mistakes or suggestions.

Note: Some items are posted twice. That is because they appear is two publications.

Link to folder with all the lists below:

Character Creation

Character Qualities including Description:

Guide to Hopefully Easier Character Creation:

Life Modules, Compiled List


Weapons, Armor, Mods for both & Explosives:

Commlinks, Cyberdecks, RCCs, Programs and other Communication related equipment:

Drones, Listed by SIZE

Magic Related

Adept powers including description:

Magical traditions:

Magical rituals:

Mentor Spirits:


Spirits & Entities:

Spirit List for Players:

Critter & Spirit Powers, Weaknesses & Qualities:

Combat Actions

Interrupts and Free Actions:

Simple and Complex Matrix and Resonance Actions:

Technomancer Complex Forms:


Data Trails Table of Contents

Chrome Flesh Table of Contents:

Foci Cost Calculation Spreadsheet

The lists are most likely outdated with the exception of Qualities.

Thanks PiXel...great stuff here!

Can we get this stickied, please? Thanks!

Dal Thrax:
Nice.  Agree this needs a sticky.  Um is there any way to get a two charts of player summonable spirits, one listing the stat blocks for each spirit type and another listing which powers are common to all spirits of the type and which are optional?   I really couldn't tell you the differences between a plant and earth elemental off the tops of my head.

Added list with decks, links, programs and related equipment


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