[IC] There will be flood.

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Three Star nods at Rat, implying "Now or never." and follows his lead towards the compound. Crouching down and staying low, his cyber legs making crouch-walking slightly easier on him then flesh, he follows closely behind the Ork.

Once at the fence, if needed, he will pass a knife to Rat to cut the fence.

Infiltration followed by JiC (10d6.hits(5)=2, 60d6.hits(5)=17) Did not really expect any better.


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As soon as everybody who had to get out of the car was out of the car, Panther drove away and parked herself in the underground parking of one of the buildings, or at least on the entryway to one if the parking itself was not available.  That way she was out of sight, still within signal range and if she was discovered, as both she and Quinten were elves, they might be able to talk themselves out of it by claiming to be hiding when they just wanted to buy some Lael.  She indicated over the team network where she was parked, gave updates where the guards where and while she was doing nothing, she checked on their commlinks to see if she could intercept some interesting things that could help the team.
"I'm going to VR," she said to the other elf before she zoned out to awaken in the jungle that was her reality filter.  A very real looking black panther started stalking around for some data to munch on.

Intercept wireless traffic.  I don't know if I have to find the devices first as I know where the guards are, but I'll do the rolls as well in case they run hidden.
-detect hidden node (if you know where it is): electronic warfare + scan (4) test:
electronic warfare 4 + scan 6 + hot sim VR 2 =12 (12d6.hits(5)=5)
-capture wireless signal (assuming they aren't encrypted): electronic warfare + sniffer (3) test:
electronic warfare 4 + sniffer 6 + hot sim VR 2 =12 (12d6.hits(5)=4)

I should have their signal.  If it's encrypted let me know and I'll run the encrypt on it as well:
initiate cryptanalysis: electronic warfare + decrypt (encryption rating x2, 1 combat turn).
electronic warfare 4 + Decrypt 6 + hot sim VR 2 =12 (12d6.hits(5)=6, 12d6.hits(5)=4, 12d6.hits(5)=3, 12d6.hits(5)=6, 12d6.hits(5)=3)
so in 1 combat turn I break encryption rating 3 or less, in 2 turns it's rating 5 or less and for 6 or less it takes me 3 combat turns.
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Rat nods to Three Star and activated the camouflage on his suit before making his way to the former KE building. Trying his best to be as quiet and as stealthy as he could, he got to the fence, where he took one of the knives he had and started to make an improvised entrance for both infiltrators.

[spoiler]Stealth 4 + Agility 7 (11d6.hits(5)=4) no glitches. He also has a chameleon suit, which gives anyone a -4 to visual perception checks.

JiC (30d6.hits(5)=9)[/spoiler]
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