[OOC] Missions 2 - Trash the Body Electric

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If this is alright, I can sent an updated Character Sheet.

It is. Make an update, before you forget things.

Name: Pietro "Fractal" Miller
Alias: Fractal, Oz, AROsmith, The Aesthet, The Man Behind the Curtain, Pygmalion, and many others... He likes adding new names to his arts.
Race: Elf (Class II Surge Changeling)
Sex: Masculine
Nationality: Canadian-American
Karma Spent:  14
Karma Unspent:  2
   Street Cred: 2
   Notoriety: 1
   Public Awareness: 1
Current Cash: 114425 ¥
Physical Description:
Pietro is a bit like any elf you ever seem. Even though SURGE affected him, fortunatelly it didn't left many visible marks, except for his eyes that are now silver like globes (the chromatic aberration they produce is in part responsible for his nickname Fractal) and his silver hair, which presents a distinct  metallic flash. Usually he keeps his eyes hidden behind his googles. He keeps his unusual hair long, so he can use it in a large variety of styles. What suits him more is to make a braid at the back. Even though it's a little strange it does not qualify him as a freak. Most people can point at him and say he is a Changeling (no artificial hair would be so strange and yet so natural), but he is lucky in that it didn't turned him into any inconceivable lifeform. What suits him more is to make a braid at the back. Usually, he wears leather pants, boots and leather overcoats (with or without his trademark red silk shirt), but when a situation asks for a more formal meeting, he looks really good in a suit.
Even before SURGE manifested, the elf guy was always an inspired artist. More, he was an digital artist with an ideal: to provide everyone with an aesthetic experience. He thinks society is truly stagnant, and people need to awaken. The way for them to learn to feel again is by having an artistic revelation, so he took the mission in his capable hands. He works as a guerrilla digital artist: he creates elaborated forms and AR animations and install them in unusual places (by hacking a system or by leaving an RFID tag at the place he wants his work to be). He considers his doing an humanitarian mission, and is not know because he always sign his deeds in a different name (he does not want recognization... or at least, that's what he says).
Pietro is something of an hedonist (how can one provide other with aesthetic experience with his life is not complete aesthetic, he questions), and likes to live well. He has an easy time among people (specially after he became even more Fae-like after he suffered from a SURGE outbreak) and know how to deal with them. It was just too obvious for him that being a negotiator among shadowrunners would be a good idea for him to raise funds to finance his artwork.
A year from now, Fractal rented a somewhat luxurious apartment with a friend, the tattooist Damien Blake, AKA the Inkling. At firts, he divided the place as a mean to pay for it, but they both discover they can both benefit from that friendship: the patterns Pietro designs are often used by Damien.
Fractal also has a soft spot for cats, and raises one in his leisure time (which is almost the whole of it).



Positive Qualities
Restricted Gear - Response Rating 6 Module (5BP)
Class II Surge (Fey-Like, Arcadian, Metallic-soul) (10BP)
Negative Qualities
Combat Paralysis (-20BP)
Vindictive (-10BP)
Thrill Seeker (-5BP)
Metagenic Qualities (20 BP in positive / -10 BP in negative)
Glamour (15BP)
Magnetosense (5BP)
Extravagant Eyes (Metallic Mirrored Silver-tinted Eyes) (-5BP)
Unusual Hair (Metallic Silver Hair) (-5BP)

Active Skills
Artisan6   +2 to Digital Art
Computer4   +2 to Edit
Data Search2
Hacking4   +2 to Exploit
Infiltration2   +2 to Urban
Influence Skill Group4
Pistols1   +2 to Tasers
Knowledge Skills ( [Logic + Intuition] x 3 free points)
Art Scene4
Artistic Trends3
Fine Cuisine1
Art Theory2
Art History2
Underworld Politics3
Denver Nighthouses1
Language Skills

Tailored Pheromones 30,6  45000¥    +3 dice to Charisma and Social Tests
Vocal Range Enhancer0,112000¥Make any sound (even ultra and infra) and mimic voices
Cerebral Booster 20,420000¥+2 to Logic
Hearing Enhancement0,15000¥+1 to hearing; can hear ultra and infra-sound
Muscle Toner 20,416000¥+2 to Agility

Gear (32 BP - 160000¥)
-Disposable CommLink
Erik Fjordson Commlink
                    - At least System 5
                    Carrying Browse 5, Edit 5, Command 5
                    Analyze 5 and Encrypt 5
-Primary Commlink
Hermes Ikon3000¥
                    - Upgraded to Response 66000¥
        OS Novatech Navi1500¥
                    - Upgraded to Firewall 5 and System 62900¥
Common Use and Hacker Programs21350¥
    Analyze 4
    Browse 4
    Command 4
    Edit 6
    Encrypt 4
    Purge 4
    Reality Filter 6
    Scan 3
    Exploit 6
    Spoof 6
    Stealth 6
ARE Software Wall Space50¥
ARE Software Virtual Surround Music50¥
German Linguasoft 21000¥
Japanese Linguasoft 21000¥
Or'zet Linguasoft 21000¥
Denver Mapsoft 630¥
Datasoft 330¥Art Encyclopedia with Sample Gallery
CommLink Acessories
AR Gloves250¥
BTL Hot Sim Module250¥
Subvocal Microphone50¥
Sturm - modded Defiance EX Shocker650¥  Total cost, weapon + mods
   mod Smargun System
   mod Smartgun Camera Vision Enhancement 3
   mod SkinLink
Drang - modded Yamaha Pulsar650¥  Total cost, weapon + mods
   mod Smargun System
   mod Smartgun Camera Vision Enhancement 3
   mod SkinLink
18 Taser Darts100¥
2 Concealable Holsters150¥
Auctioneer Business Clothes1500¥
Armored Vest600¥
Googles 6300¥
    Vision Enhancement 3300¥
    Image Link25¥
    Thermographic Vision100¥
    Flare Compensation50¥
    Vision Magnification100¥
Earbuds 330¥
    Audio Enhancement 3300¥
    Select Sound Filter 3600¥
    Spatial Recognizer100¥
5 Datachips
100 Standart RFID Tags100¥
30 Stealth RFID Tags150¥
IDs, Licenses e Credsticks
Fake SIN 4 "Nicolas Machiav"4000¥
Certified Credstick25¥
MedKit 6600¥
10 MedKit Supplies500¥
7 Disposable Syringes70¥
2 doses of Trance
4 area applications of Nanotattoos R 33000¥
"Mephistopheles" (Cat) 50¥       A yellow-eyed black cat
Three Months of Paid Lifestyle for Mephistopheles 75¥    - 25¥ each
One Month of Payed Lifestyle5500¥- Only half of total amount, the roommate pays the other half
Gas Mask
1 Microtapper Bug
Nuyen burned3000¥- Let's consider he just had'n made good uses of what could have lasted.
Total Nuyen Spent (Character Creation)160000¥
Total Nuyen Left (Character Creation) 

    Lifestyle CharacteristicLP
Perfect Roommate2
Animal Lover 11
AI In Residence-3
Total LP20
Base Monthly Cost10000¥
Factor for having 1 roommate (Inkling)10%
Monthly Cost11000¥

Ramón "Quase-Nada" Madruga (Fixer)  Connections 4/ Loyalty 3     The latino dwarf specializes himself in making ends meet, for a reasonable price. As the saying go, being a fixer, he lives by his contacts. No he does not die by his contacts, since that would make him a lousy fixer. He does not work with the wrong people, and even the ones with potential may have a difficult time to get in his good side. This dwarf prefers to work from a secure point, and you just get one of these choosing well who you work with.
Thomas "Thorn" Cain (Taxi Driver)   Connection 2/ Loyalty 1    Thorn lives his life as a cabbie at Denver, and in the shadows people says he can really turn your life a little easier when you need to cross some of the boundaries: the man is an specialist in transportation inside in Denver, and he knows some coyotes who work on the borders. He is also a good source of Denver streets gossip, if you have the patience to filtrate it from his cheap driver seat philosophy.
Damien "Inkling" Blake (Tattooist Roommate)   Connections 2/ Loyalty 1    Fractal's roommate is not what most would call a resourceful man, but he listen what's been going on in the art and style scene of the city and know some nice things. Sum it with the fact he is quite an enjoyable guy and you will come to the conclusion it's worth having him around.

Build Point totals:  400BP = Stats (195BP) + Edge (30BP) + Race (30BP) + Active Skills (120BP) + Positive Qualities (15BP) + Negative Qualities (-35 BP) + Resources (32BP) + Contacts (13BP)

Karma Log

Mission:  Trash the Body Eletric
Reason                                                                                                  Karma
Successfully kidnapping Bow Mar plant CEO4
Impressive activity2
Successful infiltration of Bow Mar Plant4
Avoiding any death2
Good Roleplay - Being a good Face Player4
Total                                                                                                16

Reason                                                                                                  Karma
Raising Infiltration 1 to 24
Specializing in Urban Infiltration2
Buying Cybercombat 14
Buy Intimidation 14
Total                                                                                                14
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« Reply #1366 on: <06-28-11/0248:33> »
PS.: Just for we all to updated things easily, the things we had bought through Fractal contacts were:
a Micro-Tapper Bug (1000 ¥); a gas mask (250 ¥), 4 doses of trances (480 ¥) - Fractal's new belonging costs 1730 ¥;
a spoof chip (500 ¥) and a morphing plate (1000) ¥ for Omar, so he must deduct 1500 ¥ from his credit.
Did we pay more than the table cost for the items, or payed an additional for the delivery? If so, how much is that?

Ive read this a bit late, but Netz, Ive given those 1500Y for morphing plate and spoof chip to you, so if you deducted those 1500K from your credit already, take it back ;)


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ok. character updated, ready to go.