[6e] Switching cyberdeck programs

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« on: <05-02-21/0953:06> »
If you own more programs than you have Active Program Slots in your cyberdeck, what are the mechanics for changing which programs are active at a given time?

I'm thinking it would be a minor action, similar to Reconfigure Matrix Attribute?


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« Reply #1 on: <05-02-21/1152:10> »
In previous edition Load Program, Switch Two Matrix Attributes, Swap Two Programs and Unload Program were all individual Free Actions. But instead of being explained one by one as individual actions in the matrix action chapter as one might have expected they were instead all briefly described in the Reconfiguring your Deck section discussing Cyberdecks in general 9 pages earlier.

In this edition many Free actions were converted into Minor actions so I think it is safe to say that the intent here is that they are all Minor Actions - just like the Reconfigure Matrix Attribute Minor Action-, but just like in previous edition they don't seem to explained one by one as individual actions in the matrix action chapter.
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Yeah can't find rules on it. I'd treat it like Matrix Attributes, a Minor to Swap and Configuration program to help swap multiple.
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As things stand, it's formally a non-action.  You just have whichever programs you want running each round.

However, since you can't even use the minor action to swap matrix attributes after a hack begins, that's in practice a dead action since the only time you can use it is when precise timing doesn't matter anyway.  Speaking personally, I'd agree that having that minor extend to swapping programs makes a large degree of sense.
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