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General Discussion / Re: Johnny Spinrad Assassinated?
« Last post by Maded on <08-02-21/1829:32> »
I think the closest you get is that according to Power Plays he has been missing for a while.

Yep, that's the closest I can find to it myself. I am trying to remember where I read that originally and retrace my thoughts but been busy working and forgot all about where I was looking...
Rules and such / Re: [6e] Magic Weapons, Bullets and Spirits
« Last post by Smogg on <08-02-21/1624:51> »
So I ran an episode involving hunting down an malicious spirit. The J provided 20 enchanted bullets for the mission and the group investigator, who has a broad (somewhat underpowered) character managed to land the final shots with his Ares Predator, which was huge for him. :)
General Discussion / Re: Johnny Spinrad Assassinated?
« Last post by Smogg on <08-02-21/1613:29> »
Maybe Assassin's Night will detail this

Hmm that's a good point. Especially considering that Assassin's Night takes place in Barcelona. It's not excatly Spinrad HQ location city, but its not too far away either.
General Discussion / Re: Johnny Spinrad Assassinated?
« Last post by MercilessMing on <08-02-21/1406:32> »
Maybe Assassin's Night will detail this
General Discussion / Re: Johnny Spinrad Assassinated?
« Last post by Smogg on <08-02-21/1301:46> »
I think the closest you get is that according to Power Plays he has been missing for a while.
Rules and such / Re: [6E] Direct vs Indirect or Mana vs Physical
« Last post by Odsh on <08-02-21/1259:20> »
KabalahRaith, I wouldn't read too much into a supposed relation between the physical damage monitor and the physical plane. An attack that aims at rendering an opponent unconscious inflicts stun damage and an attack that aims at killing said opponent inflicts physical damage, and that's about it. But the astral plane can be just as lethal as the physical plane.

I see no reason why an Astrally projecting magician cannot cast a spell in the astral at a living target that has an aura in the Astral Plane.

Seeing an aura in the astral plane doesn't mean the source of the aura is actually in the astral plane. That's only the case for astrally projecting, astrally perceiving, dual natured or purely astral entities.
General Discussion / Johnny Spinrad Assassinated?
« Last post by Maded on <08-02-21/1019:22> »
I heard something about this, but I cannot find it in any of the source books? Can anyone point out where this information is located? Thank you!
Previous Editions / Re: [SR5] Natural Healing
« Last post by mcv on <08-02-21/0654:01> »
I guess seeing it as a permanent disability is the only way to make sense of this rule. If healing is an Extended Test, then that means it can fail. Then what do you do? Retry again? So then you heal a bit worse every day, until you finally hit the reset and can heal using the full dice pool again. That would be silly. The only other option is that you can't retry, which means you'll be permanently damaged from that point. Or maybe the only way to retry is to visit a hospital?

I do like that serious wounds has consequences, so in that light I might actually change how we play it. I've been missing a critical hit table, which I'm surprised a rule intense game like SR doesn't actually have. It would make sense to have that since cyberlimbs are readily available, and losing an arm isn't actually that big a deal.

Tightening up the natural healing process would also force runner to make use of otherwise unused healing assists like hospitals and autodocs. Good input man! =)
I've got to admit, I do like this as a house rule. Maybe if you have damage left after the extended test, remaining points of damage can be traded for various disabilities, missing limbs, etc. Give the player some agency in what limbs exactly they lose:

GM: "Okay, so after the test, you still have 3 points of damage left. You can make them permanent and always have a -1 wound modifier to everything, not to mention earlier death, or maybe you want to exchange one point for an eye, or two points for an arm?"

Player: "Well, I was thinking about a cyberarm anyway, and I've got some money saved up, so take my arm, I guess."
General Discussion / Re: Running Silent
« Last post by RickDeckard on <08-02-21/0227:25> »
Thanks Xenon, this all makes sense now and I stand corrected. I hadn't put all those notes together to a coherent picture, so thanks for that.

Also clarifies how to handle silent running for me and my crew, so another kudos for that =)
General Discussion / Re: Cybereyes (Built In Camera
« Last post by sidslick on <08-01-21/2043:35> »
In terms of "off-line" storage for regular grade cybereyes, I just house ruled that they were able maintain 1d2 hours of information before you had to upload them wirelessly to an external source (for us, it was our commlinks), which could then transmit the data onwards to another source (a hacker's server, a Johnson's dead drop, etc) or just scramble it and hold it for later. Alphaware holds 1d2+2 hours of storage, Betaware holds 1d2+4 hours and Deltaware holds 1d2+6 hours, with ascending levels of clarity (higher pixel rate).
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