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Title: [Resource][Gear] Glide-Pak
Post by: Mirikon on <12-18-11/1437:01>
Price: 10000 nuyen
Availability: 8
This recent innovation brought to you by Telestrian Industies is hoped to start their new sporting goods line off with a bang. The ideal accessory for hikers and urban adventurers alike! Simply strap on the compact, lightweight pack as shown with our model here, and you're good to go! At a command from your PAN, the telescoping frame expands out of the pack, and you have a fully functioning hang glider! Simple AR controls mean that even a novice user can fly the Glide-Pak safely, with their hands free for other activities. Made from a proprietary alloy designed for its high strength and low weight, the Telestrian Glide-Pak sports a synthetic spidersilk material with a kevlar weave for increased durability on the glider surface, without appreciably increasing the weight, and allowing it to pass unnoticed through standard MAD detectors, meaning no long waits when going on that trip across borders! To prevent accidents, please give your correct weight to the sales representative.

Game Information
The Glide-Pak is controlled by the wearer's PAN. There are no manual controls. A Simple action expands or retracts the glider wing. The straps of the pack look like the standard straps you would find on a hiking backpack, but form an effective harness around the chest and waist. The glider is controlled via the AR interface, and uses the Pilot Exotic Vehicle skill. The responsive controls have an effective Handling of +3. A Glide-Pak is customized for a certain weight. Under normal conditions, a person wearing a Glide-Pak can glide at a rate of 3m forward for every 1m dropped, though the introduction of additional forward thrust can change this. When utilizing external thrusters (jetpacks or other devices), the Handling rating drops to -1, but the user can gain and maintain altitude. If the user (or their gear) exceeds the recommended weight limit for the Glide-Pak by ten kilos or more, the pack will not function correctly, as the user plummets rapidly to the ground uncontrollably. 'Troll-sized' Glide-Paks are available, but cost 50% more.
Title: Re: [Resource][Gear] Glide-Pak
Post by: Tagz on <12-18-11/1559:32>
I really like the idea, but collapsible into a back pack, +3 handling hands free and undetectable by MADs for only 2000?  Methinks your left a zero out.

A typical hang glider today that CAN'T spring out of a backpack while falling off a building costs between $3000 to $10,000 or more for the crazy good ones.

Other then the cost, I really like the item though.
Title: Re: [Resource][Gear] Glide-Pak
Post by: Mirikon on <12-18-11/1613:17>
Ah, the MAD thing is a bit of corp doublespeak on my part. Yes, the materials don't show up on a MAD scanner, but it is a backpack, that has to be strapped on to be used. Remember, folks, just because something doesn't show up on metal detectors, doesn't mean it is stealthy.

As for the cost, my initial thought was to have it be the same as the wingsuit (600 nuyen), but that seemed too low to me. Perhaps 3-5K would be a better number? The idea is for it to be (nominally) available to the extreme sports crowd. Go to the top of a skyscraper and glide around Seattle, that kind of thing. Of course, if this perfectly legal piece of tech happens to get in the hands of runners who use Gecko tape gloves to stick a landing on the side of a building across the street, well, that's too bad, isn't it?

But your players will probably want to upgrade their firewalls before using this. The fact that it is ENTIRELY PAN controlled, without any manual controls, means that enemy hackers could make your flight real short if you aren't careful. And who says Telestrian (or the TTPF) don't have a 'back door' into the things?
Title: Re: [Resource][Gear] Glide-Pak
Post by: Fizzygoo on <12-18-11/1733:22>

Yeah, the price "seems" low and 3-5K sounds about right. The only reason I'd go higher (like 8-10K) is because this seems like, if marketed to the extreme sports crowd, it is a sports car of gliders. Reusable. Custom made to body type and weight and bells and whistles makes it a status symbol amongst the extreme sports which case Telestrian could play up that aspect and instead of looking to lower the price to gain a wider customer base, raise the price to focus on an elite/wealthy clientele.

It's the difference between this:
$29.99 (
And this:
$1,695.00 (
...pretty much just a name. :)
Title: Re: [Resource][Gear] Glide-Pak
Post by: Mirikon on <12-18-11/1919:54>
Edited the initial post. How's that look?
Title: Re: [Resource][Gear] Glide-Pak
Post by: Black on <12-18-11/2010:31>
Sweet, been looking for something like this.  Got a rival team showing up next week to grab the target at the same time as my player's team.  The idea was to blow a window and jump out with the target and levitate down onto a drone... but this would be cooler (and less likely to fudge due to one of my nortoriously bad rolls)

Thanks for this Mirikon!
Title: Re: [Resource][Gear] Glide-Pak
Post by: Mirikon on <12-18-11/2015:01>
No problem. That's why I put it up.