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Shadowrun Missions: Seattle


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Yes! Seattle Missions! I'll love that! Didn't know about that, cause I haven't been to cons for a long time (here in Germany).
Please make them available!

Da P.

Yep back to the old stompping grounds new Missions leader new start in a familar place sounds like it'll be soooo good.


--- Quote from: MJBurrage on ---....Any idea when they might become generally available ?

2009 Shadowrun Tournament
Idol Threats
Twenty years ago it gained the attention of two dragons, now it wants your attention. This year’s Gen Con tournament revels in Shadowrun’s twenty year history, while it manages to pack all new surprises into the mix. All teams advance, so plan on playing in both sessions on both Friday and Saturday Night.

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Heh. Man you better watch what you ask for. Me and the wife played in, and Won, this tourney. I'm gonna bold this for ya. IT is a MF'er. There were a few teams that didn't even finish. I havn't seen that many "Big Bads" in any module i've played outside of Venca Lives (for Greyhawk) or the Bloodstone series in Forgotten Realms. If it hadn't been for over flow boxes I'd have been out twice.
Just sayin, think twice before bringing cherished characters in there. If it's GM'ed correctly that is.


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