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Calling all CDT Agents -- Shadowrun Harvest for Hunger Event!


Hey guys, the details are still being worked out, but this holiday season we're planning to do a special Mission for the holidays to support local food banks and canned food drives.  I'll post up more details as I get them, but the idea is that Catalyst Demo Team Agents will run events at their local firebases, with the entry fee being canned goods, and additional canned goods can get players special bonuses during the events (For SR, refreshing Edge points, for example).

All active (and inactive!) Agents should check the CDT boards for more information and discussion.

If you're not an Agent and you have a firebase you can run events at, I encourage you to sign up for the demo team ASAP.  This is a great event that will help out a worthy cause.


Ok, just a quickie update.  Due to some illnesses and family emergencies and stuff, it took a bit longer than planned to get SMH 2010 "Appetitie for Vengeance" posted to the CDT site.  However, it is now available! 

Our apologies if the delay caused any problems for anyone, and if you have any questions about the adventure, feel free to post them!


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