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Missions FAQ -- Points to Hit?

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Ok, first off, this is not a discussion thread. You want to discuss a topic, start a new thread for it, or find one that's already ongoing. I want to keep this thread clean, simple, and to the point, for ease of my reference later on.

I'm working on an Updated FAQ for Season 4. The Season 3 FAQ will not change, so if you're still playing Season 2, 3, or the 2010 CMPs, the Season 3 FAQ and all previous rules still apply.

What I want from this thread is any points that you guys feel should be in the FAQ. This is Missions Specific, so if it's a problem you have with the way the general rules work, take that up with Jason and the other guys. My only concern is how the official rules interact with the Missions Living Campaign. So if there's something you feel is missing and needs to be there, list it. Something that's there and doesn't apply? Whatever.

My only request is that you keep this simple, straightforward, do not repeat previous posters, and do not reply to other posters. As I say above, if you want to discuss or argue something, take it to another thread. I will ask the Mods to move or remove any discussion or argumentative posts from this thread. I'll be referring to it (And one on the DS forums) while I write, and I don't want to wade through a lot of chatter.

Also, as a caveat... Putting a suggestion up here does not mean it will go into the FAQ. I'll take everyone's comments into consideration, write up what I feel will best work for Missions as far as balance, the overall feel and tone of what we want for Season 4, getting Jason's feedback and stamp of approval, as well as some of the SR4 regular freelancers opinions as well.


P.S.  If you use both forums, just post into one or the other.  I'll compile the info from both.

We need standard costs for hiring people to do modifications on guns and vehicles if we can't do them ourselves.

A.A. Salati:
When you Buy Hits in-game, the mechanic reduces your statistical chance of success in exchange for a guaranteed number of bought successes.  This conversion from your dice pool is 4 dice to 1 hit.  Statistically, you should get 1 hit per 3 dice, but the trade off here is your results are less random.

This should not be the conversion for learning skills and acquiring gear between sessions.  It should be 3 to 1, because its purpose is not to allow you to reduce the randomness of your results like the Buy Hits in-game dynamic.  Its purpose is to be a fair way to resolve things that take time out of Mission sessions.  It's only fair to allow 3 dice to earn 1 hit in these circumstances.


In the missions faq we have now it list qualities that you can't take for this reason or another this is all well an good.

However if you make a character with certain SR4a negitive qualities they say you start with 1 notoriety per quality however the new negitive qualities in other books do not.

I am woundering if for Missions were Street Cred, Notoriety, and Public Awareness are used if you'll be adding the notoriety to some of the new Negitive qualities?

Stuff I'd Love to See:

1)  Update the list of disallowed positive and negative qualities.  Please keep the Martial Arts rules out.  It's kind of refreshing to not have every other shooter in the campaign be a master of Krav Maga.

2)  Codify the karma threshold for promotion to the Prime Runner missions, along with the available benefits for characters created to replace promoted primes.  The folks who are determined to game the system to play their characters as long as they want to are going to find a way to do so.  Trying to shut them down is just going to mean that you have to revise the FAQ again for Origins, amidst trying to get the first six to eight Season 4 missions ready to go.

3)  Codify the campaign's stance on hostile interactions between PCs.  If the campaign is going to deliberately set them against each other, it owes to explicitly allow players to have their PCs take whatever actions the situation deems appropriate.  If the campaign is going to forbid it, then any and all encouragement of inter-party backstabbing needs to stop immediately.

4)  Do I pay lifestyle at the end of the 4th week of a month or the start of the 1st?


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