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Title: Mercury Comet Mods
Post by: Sinraeyan on <11-12-10/2212:46>
My character has been making some mods to her Mercury Comet to make it run worthy.  So far she has Vehicle Tag Eraser and the Anti-theft mods.  

Mercury Comet (SR pg 351):  Handling 0   Accel 15/30  Speed 110  Pilot 2   Body 10  Armor 6  Sensor  1
Vehicle Tag Eraser: 1 slot (Arsenal pg 146)
Anti-Theft:  2 slots (Arsenal pg 132)

I was just curious on what everyone's idea of the best mods out there were.  

The ones I was considering were:
Gridlink Override: 1 slot; (Arsenal pg 137)
Concealed Armor: 2 slots (132-133)
Off Road Suspension: 1 slot (Arsenal pg 141)
Self Repair: 1 slot (Arsenal pg 143) or Signature Masking (Arsenal pg 143)

It should also be taken into account that my character has signature as a negative quality.  She tends to be flashy, even when she isn't trying.  This will be also her main vehicle on and off of runs.

Any suggestions?
Title: Re: Mercury Comet Mods
Post by: Chaemera on <11-12-10/2223:32>
I think what you need most is a GPS transponder that Big Mike can trace. . .
Title: Re: Mercury Comet Mods
Post by: KarmaInferno on <11-13-10/0014:57>
Remember that Gridlink Override needs the car to have Gridlink in the first place. I dunno if the Comet does.

Also, don't forget the Morphing License Plate and matching Spoof Chip.

Ruthenium Polymer camouflage can be used as a quick color change in addition to the normal camo effect. People still use colors to describe stuff, so if they're looking for a black van, a red one might not get noticed. Works especially well for tailing someone.