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this may need editing..

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I think you should post the character in the body instead of as an attachment ;). Also it's not the most readable ever.

First thing that popped into my mind is contacts. You have a 5/5 contact; the limit on starting contacts is 7 points total (so 2/5, 5/2 or any in between). There is a PQ to go over that, but then you run into other problems (low CHA for one, and it'd have to be connection 8+). Best just to take him as L2/C5 or so (though that does hurt the "best friend" aspect, unfortunatly. But a C2/R5 contact is not useful).

Danger Sense isn't that good a power; you're better off getting Combat Sense (that makes you not get hit, and gives you a guaranteed perception to help avoid getting surprised). That's .25 higher though, so you'd have to nix a talent (I nominate linguistics).

Pistols have their use in subtlety and holdout, but you're not likely to use those aspects much. You'd be better off with Automatics or Longarms. With your dice pool of around 8 in combat, Automatics would be best, actually, since Full Auto compensates for lack of skill. Don't expect to be terribly effective, though - to be an effective (secondary) combatant you want to get that up to 12 or so.

Intuition > Reaction, especially for a decker. I'd shift one point around. That shouldn't affect your physical limit. You'll be worse at driving, but better at perception and a bunch of important Matrix actions, with the same defenses and initiative. Also, getting body up to 3 would be helpful. But you lack points...

Skillwise, you're too spread out. Software is actually quite bad as a decker (at least until the Decker book comes out - it allows you to write software but there's no rules for doing so) so I'd drop that down. You should sink some karma into the lower-level skills and use the points on the ones you want to max out instead (Skill points are best used to buy up high-level skills, with karma being used for the low-level ones). Even then, with Skills D, you're probably going to have to make some sacrifices. Hardware, for example, is useful, but not useful enough to max out. Computer on the other hand is essential for a lot of common tasks, so getting that higher from points would be a priority. With 2 points, Cybercombat and Electronic Warfare are not terribly useful either. Dropping Cybercombat is dangerous, but there's ways not to get caught in a cybercombat war, I think.
Also, I count 22 skill points total now. Magic B should give you 4 active skill points to spend as well (with some restrictions - but putting those into your weapon skill of choice is a good idea).

Lifestyles! I'm not entirely sure if you use the Run Faster rules (I only know Obscure from there, but then it shouldn't cost points). Doing so would be advantageous, though.
Buying your lifestyle 2-3 months in advance is kind of a waste. You can loose the lifestyles, after all, and it's a large chunk of money doing nothing. You can always save up some nuyen if you want to be safe. Having a mid-level safehouse, in particular, is rather excessive. Run Faster actually has a dedicated Safehouse option - costs 1000 nuyen a month, and you only pay the months that you use it (though you might want to buy up security and such there).

Having backup or burner commlinks is always good. Just keep in mind that they're that - backups - since your deck can act as a commlink.

Some of that sweet, sweet money you should by now have available can go into a car, since you have to get to places. Also, Qi Foci are relatively cheap ways to get some nice power points (they'll cost you some karma too, but it's worth it). And you might consider buying an armored suit of some description (Run and Gun has the better one, but an Auctioneer suit from core works decent enough).  Walking around in an Armor Jacket will get you attention (and not walking around in any armor will get you dead).

Well that's enough for now.