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Character Sheet
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ASHley is a 15 year old orphan who has been striving on the streets since having to run away from being discovered as a technomancer, Her parents, for whatever reason, decided to abandon her as an infant and, she has never known who they were. Fighting to survive ASHley has learned to use her abilities from manipulating vending machines to eventually doing jobs in the shadows.


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looks like a solid matrix specialist. Any idea what she will do outside of combat?

I would suggest going Stats A so you don't have to tank your physical stats so hard. Also if you pick up one of the burst fire pistols, or a machine pistol, you can hit more often with less dice. I also typically give my mental runner drugs, as they are more likely to be able to pass the addiction tests. A little jazz or cram would go a long way to lending a hand in combat. Then again if you have a large group, or a group with lots of combat runners you may want to pick up the influence skill group to aid the face with the talky talky. You have a decent Cha so you wouldn't need to many ranks of skill.

Thats my two cents anyway!
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