My Pax prime experience.

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Frankie the Fomori

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« on: <09-05-13/1301:22> »
Good day all, I had the honor of supporting the Demo team in running 1 hour 5ed games this last Sunday and a couple on Monday. As this was my first con it was a very unique and amazing opportunity to support a game I have loved sense the early 90's.

Running the games was so much fun, we had people who have played SR from 2ed through 4th sit down and even better we had allot of people who it was there first time playing an RPG. The feedback was amazing and there engery kept my games fun and organic.

I really want to highlight to experiences to show how much I am blessed by this opportunity. The first started in Sunday morning when a lady sat down with two friends and they played through my demo. It was fun and we all had laughs, then the table rotated and it was not till later that they came around again and sat down to play a second hour. After that there was exchanging of info and the end of the night. Got back and during the raffle on the second day she won the limited edition 5th book. She came up to me and told me that I had made her convention for the weekend and she will be playing SR with her friends now. It overwhelmed me to have that kind if impact on someone and am so honored that my love of the game can extend so far.

The second group came in on Sunday, two sisters and there daughters and a niece. For all but the niece it was there first RPG, and boy did they flow right into the game. It was a perfect fit for what they wanted, and had some questions about the game after our demo. Sense I was on break I took some time to sit down and talk with them for over an hour. It seems that they have a inner family connection with MMO games but wanted to have different and more in person time with there families. Again SR turned out to be the perfect fit, and they bought the core book and then Invited me to there home to run them a game or three to get them started off. We have already links up via Facebook and getting the games set in motion.

This experience for me is priceless, to be part of the year of SR in the manor that I have enjoyed this last year from being given the best gift from Russell Zimmerman when he put frankie the formori into his novel as a desert wars vet who was now a bartender to this opportunity Mr Randall Bills gave me makes this a remarkable year.

Juan and me have sat down and decided to take all the emails we got over our pax prime experience and will start a shadowrun Seattle shadow sea group Facebook page. Though not only for Seattle folks this will give a common arena to ask questions about rules or getting games started in the Seattle area.

Last I wanted to thank Mr bills, the staff at the catylist pax store, my old friend Juan, my new friend Kai, and lastly every player who sat at the table in  helping and allowing me this amazing experience.

 Again thank you, Drew aka Frankie the Formori


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I too had a fantastic time running the Demos at PAX and ran into a great variety of players yet somehow I was not part of this email chain and honestly I would really like to be

I got to lead off the event and my first table was all event staff who seemed to have a good time and remembered me later in the weekend. The early hours were mostly fans of the game but my second table was a multi generational table that reminded me why I love doing demo games so much. 

Thank you again for the opportunity and I am glad I got to fill in at the last minute even if it showed many times. 

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Great to hear about this...maybe one of these days I'll actually be able to get myself to a con. Please be sure to post once you've got the FB page set up.


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Thanks for sharing!

Looks like I need to find myself a convention in/near Texas...