[SR6] Beginner Box issues

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« on: <09-10-19/2047:38> »
I had went through the beginner box, and quite a lot of information was missing or incorrect. It was not until getting a PDF of the core Rulebook that we where able to get answers.

All Characters:
  Judge Intentions is Charisma + Intuition (6E core says to use Willpower + Intuition)
  Lift/Carry is Strength + Body (6E core says to use Willpower + Body)
  No Qualities had been used on the characters (ork/troll built tough not added in)
  No unarmed value to know attack rating of fist
  No mention of extra ammo

  No matrix initiative (block empty)
  Electronics skill is off Intuition, and Dice Pool value is incorrect
  No fire mode on character sheet (was on card)
  No melee weapon (maybe unarmed?)
  No SIN/Licenses
  Missing racial qualities (vision and toxic resistance)
  Role playing tips mention avid urban brawl character, but instead has German Expressionist Cinema as knowledge (confusing was all)

  Outdoors skill adds up to 6, not the 7 printed
  No Melee weapon (maybe unarmed?)
  No racial quality (vision)
  First aid kit (guessing medkit) without rank/ instructions
  Disguise kit with no instruction
  Gameplay table stated he rolls 9 dice instead of his normal 10

  Character sheet says armor gives +2 but actually gives +4 (card correct)
  Defense Rating is 3 less then actual (is 7 supposed to be 10)
  Has exceptional attribute (Agility), but not the quality
  No SIN/License
  Ares Predator VI has wrong stats across board
  Built Tough (2) and High Pain Tolerance qualities not implemented, Dermal deposits not added to defense rating
  Preferred tactics talks about his favored pistol that he doesn’t have. (Maybe Zipfile took it?)

  No SIN information (does SINner count?)
  Built tough (1) not added to damage track
  Exceptional attribute (Willpower) is present but no quality
  No damage for melee weapon
  Pistol says only burst fire (supposed to have SS also), but only has 2 bullets (supposed to be 6). This means you would never get full burst fire.

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« Reply #1 on: <09-10-19/2352:18> »
Matrix Initiative sounds like a perfect simplification in the interest of being the Beginner Box tbh.
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Da Profezzur

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« Reply #2 on: <12-20-19/1132:32> »
I guess you didn't notice the datajack giving +2 to matrix initiative in Zipfile character dossier?
So I guess a matrix initiative should be indicated, as well as an Astral initiative for Forstburn.
Since initiative is not dealt with like before, it's not complicated to manage the different kinds of initiatives from now on 😉