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Title: Technoferret+kitteh help ?.
Post by: alexsunny123 on <12-30-20/0416:58>

I am unsure where to post this but in the current game im in I have jsut gotten myself a technoferret and I have suggested another player also get the kitteh, my question is what are the costs for these and what do they roll for their matrix actions. for sake of ease we went with cost of a trained ferret and 10 karma to train skills on it id just like to know the actual cost and rolls.

Title: Re: Technoferret+kitteh help ?.
Post by: Stainless Steel Devil Rat on <12-30-20/1142:57>
Critters such as those are not yet currently statted in SR6.  I'd recommend looking at the Glitch Rat (CRB pg. 217) for inspiration on how big the dice pools might be.

If your GM has access to older edition books, you'll find critters much like what you're talking about in SR5's Howling Shadows and SR4's Running Wild.  Your GM can probably figure out a conversion to SR6.