How much do you use the matrix in your games ?

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« Reply #105 on: <03-09-19/1354:46> »
Ah the old "behind the GM screen" shenanigans.

I used to love throwing a giant handful of dice behind my screen just to make it sound like the opposition had giant dice pools, but in reality I'd only be counting the red dice. or whatever.

Such tricks, and dice fudging, has become much less in fashion in modern RPG tastes though.  Some players even get upset if the GM fudges dice.

In reality, all GM's "fudge" and use "tricks" constantly to make the game fun and interesting, which is after all the whole point. Anytime the GM makes a decision about the plot that wasn't previously written down, one could say they were "fudging". And even if they did write it down it would be "fudging" to adjust for the player's capabilities. The whole point of even running a game is to make it fun and exciting for the players. When a single die roll in the opening moments of a fight obliterates the group, that is neither fun nor exciting, and therefore is just bad GM'ing since it fails at the task.

But.. as a another poster said "you do you"..
Nothing is foolproof. Fools are so ingenious.

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« Reply #106 on: <03-11-19/1811:57> »
I've had a Decker end up using 2 Edge because he was trying to score 2 Marks and then Trace Icon on six cheap commlinks and ended up with bad luck a few times. I also have rolled 5 hits on 6 dice and made summoners practically bleed as a result, so the same chances can easily apply forDeckers At that point threshold would be more reasonable, so only their own bad luck matters, not craziness in my rolls against them.

Automatically throwing all enemy pools to /4 seems too harsh though, but /3 should be plenty to balance things out.
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