Recommendation for a Missions scenario for total beginners?

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« on: <01-26-15/0620:44> »
I'm planning an intro/demo session for Shadowrun for new players. Right now I'm on the fence whether to run it as an actual Missions session using one of the currently legal Missions scenarios, or using an older scenario and not running it under the Missions banner.
If I go the second route, I know exactly what scenario I will be using, but I'm on the fence about which of the Missions scenarios could be good for total beginners. I'd like to get opinions from Missions GMs/players on what they would consider a good fit for a newbie session - anyone care to offer their opinion/advice?



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Welcome to the Sixth World is designed specifically for newbies.  The opposition is fairly weak and players get a sense of how the mechanics of the game works.  For a group entirely made of new players, I'd avoid CMPs for a bit and just start out with the Season 5 Missions, so after Welcome to the Sixth World, run through Chasin' the Wind.  It's a notch or two harder than Welcome, but it gives the players a good lay of the land.  Skip the optional encounters.
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The thing Welcome to the Sixth world is not a "Run" per say it's what ever the GM throws together as an intro and gives about 1/2 the pay of a regular mission.  That being said you could do something like food fight as an intro and award it that way.

Season 5 Chassin' the Wind is a great taste test as well especially since it is very low combat unless you as the GM use the pushing the envelope sections.  The same can be said for Critic's Choice it can be completed with out a single shoot fired provided your group is creative and of a moral ambiguity. Gone Long Gone and then Liberation defiantly ramp up the combat but by then the players should have a solid base.
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I'd actually go with the very first Mission, Mission Briefing - Season 1, Mission 0, as it were.  Gets all your PCs together via disparate contacts, and if you want, you can dodge an issue or two (such as Der Bomb) while promoting some other style of fun (such as combat against gangers, or whatever else works).  When I got run through it, we escaped with very little actual combat.  (AV rounds take such good care of motorcycles...)
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