SRM05-06: Take a chance Mission Results

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The players handled the meet/interview fairly well. They used goober (I went with goober instead of zoon, there was conflicting info, I made a call) and went down to the facility after ahving done NO legwork. once inside they treated otoko well, despiteone player that wanted to kill her for soe reason. they gave her a comlink battery. She introduced them to her tribe, and they were able to secure the datacore and rescue the Dr. They warned the Merrow about the incoming SK team, giving them time to evacuate and get some of the plants to a nearby cave for safekeeping (I made this part up).

Upon thier return they were "ambushed" on the dock by We Are Crimson. "You can't outdraw a drawn gun, son". Crimson got the drop on them and made off with The doctore, a plant sample, and the datacore. The team waitied until We Are Crimson was almost to the end of the dock before shooting them in the back.

They gave the Dr access to a shower, and a hot meal, along with a change of clothes before releasing him. They sold a copy of the data to Simon Andrews, but not the plant samples. They did not tell him about the Dr or the Merrow they found. They turned over the orginal core and the samples to Sarah Silverleaf, she was alos not told about the Merrow, or the Doctor. I gave the team extra karma for keeping the Merrow secret, and added the Doctor as a loyalty 3 connection 1 contact as he was impressed with them keeping his secret.

I got a lot of posative feedback from the players after this one, both from my table and the second table that another GM ran. We had a total of 11 players go through this in Portland last night. it was a big hit. Both of us finished early, under 4 hours, even after we BOTH added the same on-the-fly encounter to the end, of another team ambushing, in place of the boat-diplomacy scene, which did not apply as the team took the sub. my players walked through an encounter with only 4 shadowrunners, getting the drop on them, as the other team left. I think adding an encounter with an SK strike team at the end would be better. If I run this again I will add that instead of a shadow run team.