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Title: Free Resources for new Players
Post by: Magnusson on <09-26-19/1830:43>
Do you guys know where I can find some free resources for new players for 6th ed? Looking for background materials, character sheets, character creation guides, etc.

There's not much on the main web page, so info would be great.


Title: Re: Free Resources for new Players
Post by: Kato on <09-28-19/2001:13>
I do know that pickings for 6e are going to be fairly slim as of right now. Honestly, the reviews that I heard of the system aren't all that great. It sounds like they needed a bunch more R&D and decided to launch the product anyways. That is strictly hearsay from reviews on Youtube and podcasts from groups I tend to trust, but it is hearsay.

So, with that in mind, there is a ton of 5th and lower edition free PDF's available. 5th was far from a good edition either, but the literature is free and you can use OMAE v2 for character creation. So my suggestion is start with 5th edition and house rule the stuff you don't like. I would not use limits, for instance. Just let your players know right from the start that the system is far from perfect and you're going to adjust as you go. Our current d6 system for SR is quite a bit different than the 5th edition rule books, but it preserves the core SR stuff. If you need advice past that feel free to ask.
Title: Re: Free Resources for new Players
Post by: CigarSmoker on <09-28-19/2010:34>
The 6th Edition has a few advantages over 5th though. For me the biggest candidates are:

Initative Rules (i never liked those, you basically needed some computer script to use the Initative Rules as they are written, but thats true for 4th and 3rd Edition to a degree as well)
Obviously you can houserule this. Either by just ignoring a few or a few more modifiers (most GM likely did that ^^) or by creating some officilish houserule ...
They ve gotten a lot better. Players are more free now to pick "slow" chars without feeling useless.

Movement Rules ... they were widespread in the Rules as far as i remember. with few examples Which is odd for such a base mechanic. A character with multiple Initative passes could Move once and then do Sprint tests in every Initative pass beyond the first ... so if you have to cross a room fast, happy rolling. (can avoid that by using rule of buying hits obviously, but still i dont like that very much)

So i would rather pick 6th Edition ... it has big flaws tough, which hopefully will get smaller with the new Errata.
Title: Re: Free Resources for new Players
Post by: Michael Chandra on <09-29-19/0205:42>
Y'all, rather than discuss sr6 maybe just answer the question.

Since resources tend to be player made, not that many yet. There's a fillable character sheet and an excel file you can use to create characters, somewhere on this forum. Aria made the excel.

Several agents are discussing making cheatsheets on top of the pages at the end of the book. Basically things that will list crucial rolls to prevent having to look them up. Once we make some I'll encourage them to post them here.
Title: Re: Free Resources for new Players
Post by: Kato on <09-29-19/0740:40>
You're right. In a roundabout way that's where I was going with it. Free 6e stuff is either non-existent or is home brewed. So if you're looking for free, you're going to be dependent on what other people can provide. The suggestion for 5e until 6e comes out in force is that there is a ton of free resources available in pdf.
Title: Re: Free Resources for new Players
Post by: Caislean on <10-04-19/1431:50>
So (I can't believe I'm saying this) but the benefit of 6E for a new group is the fact that there is only 1 book at the moment.  Yeah it has issues, but it has some good stuff as well.   If you go for older editions suddenly your rigger want's that splat book, the mage two others.   There's something to be said about the simplicity of a single sourcebook to start out with, again even if it has some issues.
Title: Re: Free Resources for new Players
Post by: PatrolDeer on <10-14-19/0815:37>
Hey there

My friend just made a PDF char sheet for 6th Edition.

Here is a link to my Google drive, let me know if there are issues, or put it on some other Matrix host so it's available from multiple of sources