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Subversion: A Cyberpunk Fantasy RPG, just hit Kickstarter 400% funded


Hey folks, I'm Opti. You may, or may not, know me from The Neo-Anarchist podcast, Shadowrun: Origins AP, as a dev of 6th ed, from Shadowrun: Anarchy, or some of the SR books I've written. But as of this week, our company, Fragging Unicorns Games, just released a new Cyberpunk Fantasy RPG onto Kickstarter called Subversion. Subversion is a game of community and rebellion in a city called Neo Babylon.

The link for the Kickstarter is here:

And you can download the current version of the rules here for free:

I'm here if you have any questions, and if you decide to pledge, that's fragging awesome, thanks!

 - opti

Hey Folks,
Just wanted to drop by for one last push and invite you to check out Subversion, our game of community and rebellion in the cyberpunk fantasy city of Neo Babylon.

Subversion isn't Shadowrun, and isn't trying to replace Shadowrun. The gameplay, rules, lore, and basic premise of the game is very different. But you all know myself and my team at Fragging Unicorns all love Shadowrun, so we aren't trying to compete.

What we are trying to do is tell different stories and try out different rules - and create for the sake of creating. You can check out the most recent rules build on the kickstarter page.

So I'd love it if y'all would stop by and take a look at the Kickstarter campaign, check out what people are saying about Subversion on the web, and if it looks awesome to you, please support us!

If you back before the end of the campaign, you'll get 2 free adventure PDFs (more if we unlock those stretch goals).

Here's the link:



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