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Elite Forces of the Sixth World

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--- Quote from: Crimsondude on ---I never attached this: Citation list sourcing all of the units mentioned.

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Thank you for this. Very useful indeed!!!

Sascha Morlok:
Still can't find the sources for "ATO-M". In SR the BGS merely consists of the different GSG units and the GSG9, as it's only  field of operation is border protection (unlike in RL where the BGS was reorganized into the Bundespolizei (Federal Police)) and protection of special (international) locations like airports, train stations and harbors.

Anyway the list for Germany or German corporations is incomplete, so I will post additional ones here (based upon this here: )

*Mobiles Einsatzkommando, MEK ("Mobile Deployment Commando"; part of the Landespolizei / State Police LKA)
*Observationseinheit Zoll, OEZ ("Customs Observation Unit", part of the Federal Customs Service, comparable to a MEK)
*Spezialeinsatzkommando, SEK ("Special Deployment Commando" part of the Landespolizei / State Police LKA, SWAT-Unit)
*Sonderabteilung für Pharmazeutische und Digitale Suchtmittel, SAPHADIS (Anti-Drug-Unit, cooperation between FCS and the Federal Criminal Police Office)
*Zentrale Unterstützungsgruppe Zoll, ZUZ ("Central Customs Support Group", part of the Federal Customs Service, comparable to GSG9)

Bundeswehr (German Armed Forces):
*Fernspäher ("Long-Distance Reconnaissance")
*HAZARD-Teams (CBRNN response unit)
*Kampfschwimmer ("Combat Swimmers" - Frogmen)
*Kommando Spezialkräfte, KSK ("Special Forces Command")

*CBRNe Ops
*MET2000 Special Operations Division, MSOD
*Recon Infiltration Commando, RICO
*Sturmfalken ("Stomhawks")
*Tactical Assault Group, TAG

*Spezielle Operationen, SOP ("Special Operations")
*Territorialschutz, TTS ("Territorial Defense", comparable to BGS)
*Zugriffskommandos, ZK ("Grasp Commandos", hard to translate as "Zugriff" just means access or grasp, but is the term used when a police unit engage a suspect or storm a house, so it's more used in the meaning of "arrest", Sternschutz's version of an SEK)

*Schwarze Marshalls ("Black Marshalls") - Schwarze Sheriffs (Renraku / Munich)
*Taktische Einsatzteams,TETs ("Tactical Operation Teams") - AG Chemie

This is Super Awesome! Now that my team is running in Germany its good to know those names.
Thanks Chummer.


--- Quote from: Sascha Morlok on ---Still can't find the sources for "ATO-M".

--- End quote ---
Sorry. Lars told me about them.

Sascha Morlok:
Lokii posted the source before the Forum went down, but the post is now gone. Apparently it's an odd mentioning in DidS 2 (the 2nd Germany Sourcebook, that was never translated)


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