Missions Mom -- Mage, Decker, Face

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Last one.  Triple Threat, Mage, Decker, Face. 

Mom -- "Oh, t'dear!"

Metatype   C   9   Elf
Attributes   A   24   
Skills   B   24   
Magic   D   1 Magic, 2 Spells   
Resources   E   8000   


S   2
A   3
R   3
B   2
I   5
L   6
C   7
W   5
Essence 6
Edge   4
Magic   6
Nuyen 4330
Karma 1

Skill             Rating    Specializations
Stealth         1   Sneaking
Influence         1   Negotiation
Astral         5   Combat
Sorcery         5   Spellcasting
Conjuring         6   Summoning
Cracking         4   Hacking
Electronics       4   Computer
Con                 1   Acting
Medicine         1   First Aid

Honorbound White Hat
Incompetent Firearms
Spirit Affinity Kin
Analytical Mind
High Pain Tolerance
Stolen Gear

Knowledge Skills
Matrix Security
Reality Trids
Magic Theory
Area Knowledge Seattle

Attribute Increase

Debbie, Fixer 6/6
Mr. Johnson 6/6
Oyabun Kimura  6/5
School Board President Wilson 6/1

Essy Motors Dronemaster
Trancievers (6)
Satellite link
Data Tap
Fake SIN 4
Armor License
Fake Drivers License
Fake Mage License
Low Light Flashlight
Stim Patch 6
Reagents 12
Low life one month
Medkit 6
Rating 4 Power Foci
Medicine toolkit
GMC Bulldog

Ace of Coins

Security Armor
Gelweave 4

(10) Stim Patch 4

Character Notes.  Mom is nuts.  She sounds like some kind of extra from Fargo, and the stuff she says comes from some kind of Sit Com Mom from another era.  But she gets the job done, in her own way, so most runners eventually give up and give in. 

She requires prep time to juggle buff spells and spirits when she switches rolls.  She'll use large Kin Spirits for buffs on herself.  Logic and Willpower when summoning and buffing.  Charisma for the meet or any in person things.  Logic and Intuition for Matrix stuff.  Once the legwork is over and the team is moving towards some kind of action Mom will take a tab of Psyche and buff the team until her dice pools bottom out.  Movement and Concealment from the Spirits.  Attribute buffs from Mom.

Mechanical notes.  I had a version without stolen gear.  It didn't have a GMC Bulldog and it made me sad.  So here we are.  If Mom needs to get out of the Van in any kind of dangerous situation she'll pull on the Security Armor and Gel Weave.  Unlike the other Stolen Gear builds, the damage Mom takes is actually dangerous, and with only 3 Body, it doesn't go away overnight.  She is really a "Stay in the Van" build anyway.

Hacking.  Mom is an okay Decker.  Anything protected by a Commlink out on the Grid she can handle without trouble.  Same for small hosts.  Once you start getting up into the rating 5ish Hosts she'll be struggling.

Facing.  12ish dice for Social skills depending on how the Kin Spirit rolls for the Charisma buff. 

The non stolen gear version drops Stolen Gear, High Pain Threshold, and a couple of the Specializations (and 90% of the gear) for In Debt, another Negative Quality, and enough Nuyen for the Erika, a Fake SIN and Commlink.  It's also pretty trivial to swap to a more standard Face/Mage set up by dropping all the hacking skills and gear and putting those points into Con and Influence.

In Combat Mom will order Spirits around and stay out of line of sight if possible.  Mostly she's just sustaining spells for the team, so shouldn't be doing much.

Advancement: More Spells.  Quickening.  Bond Power Foci.  Profit???