• Novel & Novellas

    Best Laid Plans
    by Anton Strout

    Two-gun hacker William “Billy” Bonney and laconic street samurai Cheveyo are holed up after what should have been a straightforward job testing security for one of the megacorporations in the Sixth World. But when a megacorp is involved, nothing is ever easy, and when law enforcement comes looking for the pair of shadowrunners, Billy knows someone’s either ratted them out or double-crossed them—and he intends to find out who tried to make them dead.

    Their search takes them to the mean streets of Manhattan, where they have to infiltrate one of the largest symbols—literally—of the Sixth World, to find the truth. But the truth behind what has led them to this place is far worse than anything they could think of…and unless they come up with a new plan fast, they might not be leaving alive…


    Corporate Business
    by Dylan Birtolo

    A “cleaner” for the megacorporation Ares Macrotechnology, Maria Payne is a model employee—efficient, attentive to detail, and very deadly. She navigates every danger that comes at her, whether it’s on a mission in the field, or walking the political tightropes in her own corp.

    But when Internal Affairs takes an interest in her, Maria begins to suspect something is going on. Her suspicions are confirmed when what should be a simple convoy heist nearly goes lethally awry. And when Maria’s investigations find an innocent man marked for death, she suddenly must decide between the corp that has given her everything and the fate of one man…and if she makes the wrong choice, she could be targeted for termination by her own employers…


    Scorpion's Bane
    by Mel Odom

    On the trail of her missing brother, shaman Rashida bint Tariq bin Feroze al-Nazari travels to South Africa to interrogate a corp executive who may have actually seen Qasim. But the meeting turns into a trap she barely escapes, and Rashida realizes she and her shadowrunning team have stumbled onto something much deeper than a rash of missing children.

    Their search for answers will take them from the glittering neon towers of Dubai to the harsh desert wilderness of the Arabian Caliphate. Rashida and her team scour every clue they find, whether it is in the deep African jungle, the artificial world of the Matrix, or the infinite astral plane, to uncover who’s masterminding this plot…and stop them before it can be put into action.

    And all the while, Rashida must contend with Scorpion, the insect spirit who came to her when she cried out for revenge against those who had killed her father and stolen her brother, and now lives within her in an uneasy alliance. Vicious, cunning, and deadly, Scorpion’s power always comes with a price…and if Rashida isn’t careful, she may end up paying it before she has the chance to save her brother…and punish the ones who took him.


    Mercy Street
    by Bryan Young

    Nestled in one of the worst parts of Seattle is a place where anyone can go to get patched up, no questions asked. They call it Mercy Street and it’s a practically free clinic run by a drunk old troll named Shimura, who’s seen a lot in his years.

    When a decker named Lockdown Paradox shows up bleeding on his doorstep, it’s just an average Tuesday, but when corporate stooges looking for her show up and try to shake Shimura down for information, he wonders just what this kid hacker’s gotten herself into. But he’s not the only one wondering…Paradox thinks there’s more to the ol’ whiskey doc than meets the eye, wondering if he might be a legendary shadowrunner that might be able to help her.

    When she turns up missing, Shimura is forced to go far deeper into the sleaze and sprawl than he ever wanted to...and return to a part of his past he’d sworn to leave behind if he wants to get both of them out alive…

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    Rogues Lineup
    Shadowrun Card Deck


    Program Deck
    Shadowrun Card Deck


    Lifestyles of the Shadowy & Infamous
    Optional Rules

  • Pegasus Spiele

    Datapulse: 10 Museums

    Museums are more than just buildings where looted goods are kindly kept for you. In addition to classic museums, there are museum villages, exhibitions in historical buildings and entertainment establishments crammed with the latest technology that only pretend to want to impart knowledge. There are institutions that are committed to investigating and preserving the truth with religious zeal - and the well-financed educational establishments of the corporations that want to achieve the exact opposite with subtle revisionism or overt propaganda. It's a war of minds - and every war needs mercenaries.

    The Datapuls 10 Museums takes a look at the museum landscape of the Allianz Deutscher Länder: the operators and sponsors, the exhibition and security technology - and the jobs for runners who exist in the area of ​​knowledge transfer and knowledge distortion of the museum operators. The focus of the Datapulse are 10 exemplary museums from the Berlin Computer Games Museum to a museum ship, a tank museum and a castle museum to the Deutsches Museum in Munich, one of the largest museums of the ADL. Additionally, you'll find non-game characters, museum items, and new equipment.


    Datapulse: Underground Medicine

    No matter how tough, fast, or smart you are, you will eventually pay the price of being a runner. And none of the big healthcare providers are keen on having a high-risk customer like you in the earnings report. So grab some extra patches, give one to the healers on the team, and do some research on your options if all goes to hell. Is there a street clinic in the area of ​​the next assignment - and who runs it? A charity? A cult, a poli club, or some other soul catcher? The organ mafia? Ignorance doesn't bring happiness - it kills you.

    The Datapuls underground medicine sheds light on the health care system of the Allianz Deutscher Länder - or its non-existence. What happens to those who fall through the wide mesh of the net? Who helps you as a runner when you're not collapsing in front of your regular street doc's door? What the hell is a capsule clinic? And what role do alchemy and neo-esotericism play in medicine in the 2080s? This data pulse is packed with information and also offers four locations plus four medical practitioners, each with their own hangers for runs.


    Datapulse: Riggerszene ADL

    The German rigger scene? Which do you mean? Because there's a lot more than just highway racers and street warriors! Do you mean vehicle or drone rigger? Pilots with or without implants? Racer or tuner? Jet ski speeders, air jockeys - or the growing military police scene plowing through no man's land with off-road cars, military SUVs, mud bikes or chain mail? Oh, forget it: your best bet is to just pull the new collection of files that riggers and runners just hacked together from all parts of the ADL...

    The Datapuls Riggerszene ADL takes a look at the different scenes around vehicles, drones, engines and styles within the Allianz Deutscher Länder. Find out everything about the current state of German roads, study the full-page map of the most important German autobahns, join the autobahn warriors at the burning wreck and receive valuable tips on how to set up and direct a shadow run as a road movie. Contains a list of 36 encounters plus more random tables, three new connections, four new vehicles and two new drones.


    Datapulse: Hessen-Nassau


    For Greater Frankfurt, Hessen-Nassau is the green area where people are carted to for team building. It is a transit area for commuters and deliverers. And for the residents a home that is being attacked, sold and torn apart from all sides. The fronts have been hardening for a long time: between town and country, between renewal and preservation, industry and nature conservation - and between metahumans and the strengthening Hessian-Nassau homeland security.

    The Datapuls Hessen-Nassau takes a closer look at the geography, history, the towns and villages and the simmering conflicts in this area. Find out more about the state capital Gießen, whose old town had to be completely rebuilt after the serious attack in 2021 - and what consequences the attack has had in the state to this day. Visit Marburg, Kassel, Hachenburg, the Kellerwald National Park and the holiday enclaves in the Rhön and Rheingau. And get to know the mysterious Frau Holle, whose invisible fingers are being wrapped around more and more companies in the country - and who could also have a decisive influence on the upcoming state elections.

  • Holostreets

    Allies and Enemies
    From Clifton Lambert

    Allies and Enemies is a resource of NPCs for Shadowrun Sixth World Edition, with NPCs for players to hire,and NPCs for the GM to use in other ways.

    Popular Cybernetics
    From Adam Large

    Holostreets' Popular Cybernetics is the collection of all the cybernetics from 1st  through 5th  edition shadowrun books and creates a history of technological progress over the decades. It includes cyberware that was not included in the 5th edition books, helpful rules in using cyberware in different decades, and some ways to customize your cyberware that voids the warranty.

    Hooders For Hire
    From Thomas Willoughby, Brooke Chang, Patrick Goodman, Russell Zimmerman, James Palmer, Alexander Kadar, O.C. Presley

    You don’t need cybereyes to see it. The world is a dark, dark place. But while there’s plenty of scum in the shadows, there’s also types that remind us you can't have shadows without light. Hooders for Hire provides data on those who can't bring themselves to sit and watch the world burn. They’re broken, flawed, violent, addicted, angry, and scary, but they all have one thing in common: they refuse to let the man win without a fight. They may be criminals and bad apples, but to the people they help, they are also hope.

    Anno Domini Part 1
    From Joshua Daniel

    Welcome to the virtual matrixscape of the Holostreets chummer, and my crew's first upload to it!

    Shadowrunner Holostreets
    From Peter Rudin-Burgess

    Shadowrunner is intended to allow you to play Shadowrun 5e without a Gamemaster.

    Goblins and Kobolds
    From Joshua Daniel

    It's time to put Goblin back in Goblinization, and of course it'd be unfair to leave out yapping "Dragon" friends out too. This short supplement provides the rules and brief lore on Gobbos and Kobolds with fantastic artwork done by Rosetti Arts. It also contains a page explaining what combination of Metagenic Qualities will let you play rules legal versions of each.

    Fastjack's Shadowfiles
    From Matt Drozdowski

    Fastjack's Shadowfiles is a collection of all the known authors and Jackpoint commentors through the lifespan of Shadowrun. See who's the most prolific posters and find an index of where to find all of their comments!

    Way of the Grease Monkey
    From Patrick Goodman

    The Way of the Grease Monkey features a piece of a different sort of gear created by an adept following the Grease Monkey's Way. Rules for this Way along the Path of the Adept are also included.

    Meet the New Boss
    From Patrick Goodman, Elissa Carey

    At the end of 2061, a gigantic dragon nobody had ever heard of appeared in the skies of Denver, and promptly began laying waste all around him. Then, suddenly, he was in charge of the place.

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