Fitting Foes on a 3x5 Card

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« on: <02-21-19/1540:23> »
Iím finishing prep for the module Iím running at this weekendís con, and I was planning to put the enemies on 3x5 cards for easy reference.  What info do you consider essential to have on hand during the combat?  I can always refer to the module, but I want something quick and easy to use...stat blocks in modules require me to do enough digging that it slows down the game.


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I usually get the stats (modified), Initiative, skills, abilities/spells/powers and short description for the powers I don't know offhand that would be used, total armor... most of the gear isn't needed (barring maybe cyberdeck), no need for the fluff stuff... pretty much the combat stuff you need... listing out the individual cyberwear usually isn't needed. Then room for notes for specialty stuff from gear or wear. Heck I find pre-writing their defense, soak, attack dice pools the most useful..
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A/D/S (default attack pool, defense pool, default soak pool) are what I always wrote down, alongside Initiative. There's like 10 different defense rolls agains magics, so shortcutting the most default ones (Physical Illusions! Detection!) can be a good idea to save on in-run math.

(I'll never forget the GM that ran a fight in SRM05-02 that ended up counting out 12 identical big dice on EVERY roll he made...)
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