• Novel & Novellas

    Kill Penalty
    by Clifton Lambert

    Redlock is a rising star in the brutal sport of Urban Combat, where teams of armed combatants try to score points against their opponents while shooting it out amid Seattle’s decaying urban landscape. Managed by his mother, a legendary Urban Brawl player until her forced retirement, and fitted with top-line cyberware that makes him better than human, Redlock is on the fast-track to super-stardom—until it all comes crashing down around him.

    After sabotage takes him out of the major leagues, Redlock finds himself on the streets for real, alone for the first time ever. But the lure of Urban Brawl is too seductive to ignore, and when his mother lines up another opportunity for him, all her son has to do is go against every instinct he has… Will he sacrifice his one shot back to the majors for the scrappy team that adopted him when he had nowhere else to go, or will Redlock pull the ultimate ambush play on his own teammates?


    For a Few Nuyen More
    by Stephen Dedman

    …are gathering among the various criminal factions of Seattle, and Ratatosk, 8-ball, Mute, and the rest of their shadowrunning team and allies are caught in the middle almost before they know what’s even going on. A powerful, highly modified assassin duo is killing bosses and setting the various factions against each other, and the team is called on by both Knight Errant and one of the Mafia groups to find a way to stop the bloodshed before the streets truly run red.

    But while locating these assassins is one thing, stopping them is something else entirely. The duo has been modified to within an inch of their lives, swimming in enough magic and cyberware to make them nearly indestructible. Ratatosk and his crew will have to use every bit of cunning and street smarts they know to take these seemingly unstoppable killers down…before the killers get to them.


    Under Pressure
    by Scott Schletz

    It should have been an easy job for Tycho and his team: Travel to the Sioux Nation, in the region that was once the state of Montana, and investigate what happened to the previous shadowrunning team that had gone up there to check out…something.

    But of course, things are never easy in the shadows, and soon Tycho and his fellow runners are up to their eyeballs in double-crosses and mysterious goings-on—including the seeming complete disappearance of the previous shadowrunning team.

    Their search leads them to the wilds near Yellowstone, where the answers they seek lie deep within the earth…and uncover a secret that, if revealed, could result in the complete destruction of the entire Sixth World…


    See How She Runs
    by Jennifer Brozek

    Ridley Ruiz is an ambitious teenager from a poor family, but she’s got dreams of a bigger, better life. Her courier service, Three Mice Running, is succeeding beyond anyone’s expectations, and she’s able to share her success with her friends.

    Then one night at a jabber changes all that. Ridley sees something she wasn’t supposed to see, and is given a package she isn’t supposed to have. After she makes the delivery to a dangerous person and receives a handsome reward, chance conspires against her, and this one-time event becomes a deal with the devil.

    With her family and friends on the line, Ridley is forced to go down a dangerous path. Can she save her friends and deliver the package on time before competing forces find her? All while trying to keep this newest delivery from her own family?

    Ridley doesn’t know if she can, but she knows she has to try…

  • Game Accessories

    Rogues Gallery

    Whether on the desperate streets or in the Machiavellian high-rises of the corporate elite, dangerous people lurk in every corner of the Sixth World. And they’re in here, too, with a quick back story, a hook, and streamlined game stats. Bring the Shadowrun universe to life by putting these characters at your fingertips and in your game!

    Rogues' Gallery is an NPC Reference deck for Shadowrun, Sixth World. Rogues' Gallery contains 27 Street NPCs, 15 Veteran NPCs, 5 Elite NPCs, 3 Legendary NPCs, and 8 reference cards.


    Mobile Grimoire

    Magic in the Sixth World is not about complex incantations, detailed hand movements, and long scrolls (except for when it is). It’s about hitting fast, hitting hard, and moving on. Mobile Grimoire provides references to dozens of spells, with game stats and rules, so you can select, cast, and go.

    Mobile Grimoire features 52 spell cards and is for use with Shadowrun, Sixth World.


    Sixth World Tarot

    The Sixth World Tarot (Arcanist Edition) is a stunning collection of Shadowrun art by Echo Chernik, and it now comes in a larger size!

    This deck gives the gorgeous art the spotlight it deserves, letting users take in the full details of these images. Whether you're using them as a game aid, art collection, or functioning tarot deck, these cards do their job beautifully!

    This product also comes with a FREE anthology of fiction, based on the card art.


    High Rollers
    Shadowrun Corp Dice

    Custom dice put all the power you need in your hands to roll and make Shadowrun action happen! Includes Ares, Aztechnology, Mitsuhama, Saeder-Krupp, and Spinrad Global designs.

    This custom collection of dice bears the markings of some of Shadowrun's most powerful corps. With special corporate logos accompanying the 5s and 6s, a glitch mark on the 1, and an assortment of colors, these dice enhance any Shadowrun game—and make it easy to pick out one to use as the wild die!

    Contains 20 megacorp-branded dice.

  • Pegasus Spiele

    Neo Noir

    In a world controlled by mega-corporations, the rich and powerful decide what is law and what is law. But not everyone accepts their fate. Those who do not receive answers to their pressing questions about justice sometimes turn to private investigators: hardened "snoops" who are not impressed by threats and violence in order to achieve their goal. And if you want to bring the truth to light, you sometimes have to descend into the shadows...

    NEO NOIR is an in-house production by Pegasus Press and an anthology for Shadowrun 6 with three individual adventures. All adventures are completely ready to play, including floor plans and plans. In the footsteps of the great private investigators of the detective films, the runners in NEO NOIR roam the ADL metroplexes. They solve murder cases, expose corporate intrigues and take revenge for past injustices.


    Behind the Curtain

    Not only runners have to worry in the shadows so that they return from their assignments with checksticks in their pockets and not with lead in their bodies. The characters' players are also faced with various decisions: who do I want to play, why and where? How do I link my young decker to the group's old warhorse? how can I further develop my background story?

    Exciting stories in the Sixth World also require well-designed adventures, maybe even entire campaigns and settings. It requires multi-layered opponents, interesting locations and maybe it can be something other than the shootout in a seedy alley.

    Behind the curtain is a rule book for Shadowrun 6 that hardly contains any rules. In addition to a few optional suggestions for changes, there are primarily tools for players and game masters: information on character development, group reunification, adventure planning, alternative entry points, and campaign concepts. Do you need a riddled NPC, an adventure on the edge of the actual adventure, a vending machine restaurant menu, an everyday host or want to know what the security guard happened to have in his pocket or on the commlink? You will find it here.




    Datapuls FBV [link]
    Datapuls Kunstraub [link]
    Datapuls Feuerlaufer [link]
    Datapuls SOTA 2081 [link]

    Demeko Writer's Room Needs You!
    Open Competition

    The DeMeKo program directors need your help! For the upcoming "DATAPULS DEMEKO AND MEDIA IN THE ADL" in 2022, we are looking for cool trideo formats ( series, films, game shows, etc. ) and hip stars and starlets of the year 2082 ( A to Z celebrities )!


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