"Decker" hacking in VR with log 10

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« on: <11-01-16/0800:54> »
Made with the sum to ten rules
Metatype = E
Attributes = A
Magic = B
Skills = E
Ressources = B

First things first, the objective is to create a decker who won't dumpshock (so hacking in VR) with very good skills at hacking.

Positive Qualities:
Exceptional Attribute LOG
Prototype Transhuman
Negative Qualities: (mainly here for background)
Big Regret
Emotional attachment
Poor Self Control (compulsive 2, personal) (minor OCD)

Prototype Transhuman biowares:
Genetic optimization (LOG)
Cerebral Booster lvl2
Neuro Retention Amplificator
Sleep Regulator
Reflex Recorder (pistols)

Adept Powers:
Increase Reflexes lvl 3 - 3,5 PP
Increase Skill (cybercombat) - 2,5 PP

   3         2      4(7)      2          3       5      8(10)     5        3          6

chosen cybercombat with the adept added 2 Skillpoints - Dice pool 21
Computer 6 skillpoints - Dice pool 16
Pistols 7 skillpoints (holdout specialization) - Dice pool 9(11)
Perception 3 skillpoints (visual specialization) - Dice pool 8 (10)
Electronic Warfare 2 Karma - Dice pool 11
First Aid 2 Karma - Dice pool 11
Hacking 2 Karma  - Dice pool 11
Harware 2 Karma  - Dice pool 11
Software 2 Karma  - Dice pool 11
Etiquette 2 Karma  - Dice pool 4
Negotion 2 Karma  - Dice pool 4
Pilot Aircraft 2 Karma  - Dice pool 8

"Deck":119.490,00 Nuyens
Pulse Wave
 - Attack Dongle lvl 6
 - Stealth Attribute lvl 1 added (12 electronics parts)
 - Data Processing reduced by 3 / Attack augmented by 3 (12 electronics parts)
 - Encryption/ ToolBox/Decrypt/Stealth programs (running all the time)
 - Hammer/Biofeedback alterning with Exploit/Signal Scrub

this leaves 8.500 Nuyens for a suzuki Mirage, 2.000 Nuyens for a Horizon Noizquito, 10K for a Fake SIN lvl 4, 2000 Nuyens for a month at low, 700 for motorcycle armor

in the end there is 6.300 Nuyens for other equipment

She can hack with 11 DP (hack on the fly limit 4 with exploit) and can hammer 21DP for an average Data Spike of 12DV + net Hits. When facing opposition, she hammers and bricks the opposing deck/commlink, then works her magic unopposed.

With a minimum investment in karma, she can acquire great skills depending from logic (2 karma for 11 DP) and become a lot better in other like cha depending skills.

what do you think of this build?


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« Reply #1 on: <11-01-16/0850:21> »
It's faulty.
1. Check how that adept power works;
2. Genetic optimisation is not bioware.
*I have problems with clarifying my point in English, so sometimes I might sound stupid or rude.*


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« Reply #2 on: <11-01-16/0937:32> »
Ok, thank you for the answer, lets correct the build
I replace the prototype transhuman quality by restricted gear quality
so it reduces magic (and essence) to 5 which reduce the number of Power point to 5:
3,5 PP for increase reflexes (CRB P.310)
1,5 PP for improved ability (cybercombat) (CRB P.309)

then replacing sleep regulator and reflex recorder by lvl3 of cerebral booster replacing the suzuki mirage by a Yamaha Growler and deleting the Horizon Noizquito (+12000+14000-31500+8500-5000+2000=0), so the nuyens are ok.

finally, it reduces cybercombat Dice Pool to 20 Dices but augments DP for other logic based skills

I hope, now it's ok.


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« Reply #3 on: <11-02-16/0541:28> »
It looks fine now but I still don't get why do you want Cybercombat so much. You'll brick gear left and right, sure, but what about actual hacking? A host spawns ICes every turn anyway, there's little point of fighting them because you won't have enough actions to do your job after that. And with your modest Hacking DP you gonna need a lot of retries.
The character would be a great asset to a second team decker, protecting them from any cyberthreat out there.
Maybe I fail to see something bigger there? It's been like two years since I played a decker so I may be forgetting things.
*I have problems with clarifying my point in English, so sometimes I might sound stupid or rude.*


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« Reply #4 on: <11-02-16/0651:52> »
I'm afraid ZeldaBravo is right, this character will have little use to the team, all enemies will turn their gear wireless off as soon as one get bricked/attacked and if you don't have an other Hacker in the team to help, you won't do anything in a host.

If you invest so much into LOG you might as well try to get a decent Hacking to have the whole skill set of a Decker. Or since you have a high meat initiative it could be well worth to dip into fighting (so more AGI).

By the way I think you meant AR (Augmented Reality) Decker and not VR (Virtual Reality).

This commlink doesn't look too legal. First for 120k Nuyen you might as well buy a deck like a Little Hornet (with modify matrix attribute if you want one at 6). Data Trails mention: "Unless otherwise noted, a device can only have one modification." here I count four of them (1 'Add a Matrix Attribute' + 3 'Modify a Matrix Attribute'). Also Commlink can't run Programs unless you add a Program Carrier module (an other electronic modification).

Final tip if you want to invest so heavily into Cybercombat get a Lockdown Program, in your build a link-locked Decker will have to beat your 20 dice to jack out, leaving you plenty of time to Data Spike him to death/unconsciousness. Baby Monitor could be also nice since you don't have a lot of Sleaze to make a Check Overwatch Score action, also avoid raising your OS by doing the check.

Danny Montanny

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« Reply #5 on: <12-02-16/0909:20> »
Good luck find any decent Decker's deck running silent with your 9 dice  and lowered Data Processing.


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« Reply #6 on: <12-02-16/1038:14> »
IME Matrix Search and Matrix Perception are used more than Hack on the Fly or Cybercombat.  Just sayin. 

Brute Force hackers work, but are high risk kind of builds.  Ninja Vanish or similar is a good thing to add for hacking Hosts.  Something that'll let you get rid of Marks in a hurry after you've kicked in the door and are stomping around.

Anyway, you're overspending on Logic IMO, and skills E on a Decker is brutal.  I'd also move points out of Will and Charisma to Agility. 

If all you want is Logic 10, Cerebral Booster 2, Narco (Chrome Flesh) and Psyche and there you are.  Much cheaper way of getting there.

You can create a more robust Combat Decker by simply going Reasources A, Stats B, Skills C, Metatype D, Magic E.  If Adept is just for the mechanical bonuses you can do it better with 'ware.  If Adept is part of the concept then carry on. 


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« Reply #7 on: <12-06-16/1235:18> »
I feel like going adept is wasted on vr decking. The big perk of adepts are the nice physical world bonuses. They make running an AR decker run great (high AR initiative especially, combat/social utility, heightened concentration, etc).

If you are planning on VR hacking, you dont really need the invest in physicality... or at least use high resources  to get 'ware instead of competing so much with magic. 


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« Reply #8 on: <12-06-16/1540:55> »
The biggest problem with an adept decker is opportunity cost, since deckers already start out needing high priorities for resources and skills.  Add in a high priority for magic and it becomes very difficult to pull off.  D for adept and E for human, to start with a Magic of 3, is doable, I guess, if getting improved ability: 3 for two of your decking skills is your main goal.