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SRM 04-08: Brothers United now available!

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As they say, the only things taht will survive a nuclear war are the cockroaches and Mick Jagger. 

Makes you wonder how long Jagger's been a host, eh?


or even Keith Richards


--- Quote from: Marak1972 on ---or even Keith Richards
--- End quote ---
Keith Richards eats Insect Spirits for breakfast.

Patrick Goodman:
Keith Richards died during the recording of Tattoo You. No one had the balls to get in his face and yell, "Keith! Lie down!!"

*opening riffs of "Start Me Up" as the mushroom cloud rises*
"Where is everybody? I saw the bright light, I thought it was time to go on...."

I had Keith Richards show up in a game of Deadlands:  Hell On Earth once...  ;D


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