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Guns, guns, and more guns in Gun Heaven--out now!

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Okay, here's the thing. We have a plan. A secret plan. I've mentioned a little bit of it in another thread, but not the full details, because, you know, it's a secret plan. But one thing I can tell you is that the secret plan involves us doing a fair amount of work on some gear-oriented PDF products. And since we're working on them and stuff, we figure, why not release them when they're done? Which is a rather roundabout way of saying that close on the heels of Unfriendly Skies comes Gun Heaven, and new PDF book on sale now (Battleshop, DriveThruRPG) that is full of, you guessed it, guns. Here are the details:

A Gat in the Hand Means the World by the Tail

Look, we all know that there are plenty of runs that go best when you don’t fire a shot. But we also know how foolish you’d be to go out without your trusted sidearm, because you never know when things are going to go south. Or when you’re going to be hired simply because you’re the person who’s got the right weapons for the job.

If you’re looking for a new weapon to add to your arsenal, Gun Heaven is the place to go. Featuring thirty-two guns—complete with descriptions, information on their use, game statistics, and full-color illustrations of each item—Gun Heaven collects older weapons and newer designs, ranging from the SIG P298 hold-out pistol, with its slim-line design, to the massive Ogre Hammer and its devastating punch. Get caught up on the predecessors of the legendary Ares Predator IV, or check out one of the most recent offerings from Onotari Arms, the assault-rifle/shotgun combo Xfactor III.

Gun Heaven will help any team of runners pack out the way they want, while also providing opportunities to make a few nuyen by finding and selling pristine versions of older models to collectors. Gun Heaven is for use with Shadowrun, Twentieth Anniversary Edition.

Jason H.

P.S. The above post contains a bastardized quote from my favorite movie. Props to the first person to ID it.

And there goes my budget again!   :'(

EDIT:  Posted my review of the e-book on the other forum.  Long post short, I like.

Is there a planned hard copy I can pick up?! Right when I had my expanded firearms rules finalized a new gun book is released...

not only did CGL open that damned Can of Worms (Calibres in SR ! )  ::)
You rubbed exactly the right ones Nose right on Top of it.
I Guarantee that the next 10 Pages in the Gaming  Den will be Rants and Sarcastic comments about the Caliber of SR Weapons and how Wrong this is.
I can't express how dissapointed I am from CGL that they did this (ImO) big mistake with the Calibre

with a disapointed Dance


--- Quote from: Medicineman on ---I Guarantee that the next 10 Pages in the Gaming  Den will be Rants and Sarcastic comments about the Caliber of SR Weapons and how Wrong this is.

--- End quote ---
To be particularly blunt about it, "so what?"

No game company -- or company at all -- can put out products while prancing around on their tippy-toes worried about what the smallest, bitterest, little faction of disenfranchised fans is going to think.  I'm not crazy about the addition of calibers in Shadowrun either, but spending official company time worrying about what TGD crowd will think about a book is spending official company time spinning your wheels for no good reason.  There are a group of people out there who will at best offer up backhanded compliments about the quality of new work, and at worst call the writers foot fetishists, neo-Nazis, and scabs...why on Earth are they worth catering to?

It's not like various calibers are given in-depth rules or something, it's just mentioned -- almost in passing -- that "this gun with a high damage code has a higher caliber than that gun with a low damage code," which is absolutely nothing new.  The word gets tossed around a few times and used in vague relation to the damage and/or range of a weapon, and that's really about it.  It's not introducing new rules or crunch in terms of caliber, it's just used as a perfectly logical descriptor of various firearms.

Fans like guns.  Shadowrun has more guns now, instead of just more drones and tanks and ships and stuff.  It's my favorite of our recent gear-splat e-books, simply because it's got some awesome artwork, and it's the one most likely to be usable in your average Shadowrun game.  It's the old-school "information, artwork, stats, and shadowtalk" format that fans have been screaming for for years, it's a good looking book, and it gives your average shadowrunner some new toys.

The sarcasm and rants of TGD are moot points.


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