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Take to the air with Unfriendly Skies--new PDF product released!

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Happy Memorial Day weekend to you Stateside folks, and happy weekend to everyone else! Our eBook crew has been hard at work, and as a result we have a new PDF book on sale--Unfriendly Skies is now available at the Battleshop and at Drivethrurpg. Here's the lowdown:


Itís a big world, and not all of the work thatís available is sitting right outside your front door. Sometimes you might need to hop across a country, across a continent, or across an ocean. Other times you might look to the air to find a way across a border thatís too tough to cross on the ground. And then there are the times you might need something in the air that can pack a much-needed punch.

Unfriendly Skies provides descriptions and game information for thirty-two aircraft, including the EuroWars-tested MiG-63, the slow but easy-to-overlook Skyswimmer, and the luxurious Platinum II. The book also includes information on the basics of air travel in 2073, including information on which paths you may or may not want to follow if you are trying to lay low.

Get your runners into the skies and moving fast with the options Unfriendly Skies provides. Unfriendly Skies is for use with Shadowrun, Twentieth Anniversary Edition.

*Sighs*  There goes the budget again...

Hm, weird, my Adobe won't let me see all of the preview.  Oh well.  I'll buy it when I wake up from my nap.

Ooooooooooooooo, "Euro-War Antiques"!  It's not just AK-97s any longer?

Frankie the Fomori:
Had a brief look through, and I love it. Shadow talk, and one option for PC creation with a Glider for 19K and availability of 8 :) get a license and fly around Seattle till the GM gets tired of it and shoots me down :)

*Drools* Flying Zoom-Zoom GOODNESS!!!

OK, without sounding too much like a fanboy...oh wait...Anyway, I love this idea. I'll have to download ASAP. I've always loved aircraft, and one of my favorite Riggers ended up with a tricked out Plutocrat that made a modern Apache look like a traffic-report chopper. Can't wait to see what is in this!

BTW, I remember from the old Rigger 3 book, in the back there was this delta/triangular shaped "attack" craft, anyone remember what it was and for anyone who has already read this it in there and what is it's name?

I'm happy with my purchase.  :)


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