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So--you want to know which music acts are hot right now in the Sixth World? Which BTLs are burning holes into people's brains? How about the different organizations looking to sign up runners as members? Maybe you want an update on the sports of the Sixth World, along with some of the hottest teams and players? Do you want all that, with a nice helping of avant-garde fashion? Then you want Attitude, which is out now in PDF form. You can buy the PDF, pre-order the print book, or buy the print/PDF combo on the Battleshop, or buy the PDF on Drivethrurpg. Want more info? Here's some back cover copy for you:

Eat 'Em Up, Spit 'Em Out!

They can have their offices, their paychecks, their 2.2 kids and their robot-trimmed lawns. Screw ‘em. They trudge through life, doing what other people tell them to do, never having an original thought, burying themselves so deep down inside they might never come out.

You’re not them. The world’s not giving you anything, so you’re going to take what you can get. You’re on the streets, on your own. Maybe you’re helping an orxploitation band shoot to the top, maybe you’re climbing up the street brawl ladder, or maybe you’re getting famous just for being you. Whatever you do, you’ll do it your way, because dying always beats selling out.

Attitude helps shadowrunners live the untethered life by giving them the lowdown on music, entertainment, sports, and other scenes where they can make their mark without selling their soul. A repository of Sixth World culture along with a treasury of new ways to run in the shadows, Attitude is an indispensable resource for all Shadowrun players.

Jason H.

Delicious. More to digest this evening. ;D

The preview looks really promising :D

edit: oh, and did Fastjack just spoof the cover comments in the introduction text?!

*steeples his fingers*

Excellent, Smithers.

*Giddy*  ;D


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