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Parazoology out now!

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The latest PDF-only product, Parazoology, is out now, with 30 critter write-ups--21 classics, 9 new ones! It's available on the Battleshop and at Drivethrurpg. Here's the summary if you're looking for more info:

Beware the Beasts

The Awakening had a dramatic effect on the world, and those effects have not stopped shaking things up. Across the Sixth World, magic and other environmental factors continue to twist and distort all variety of living things, and the results can be deadly—or useful, to those who know how to harness the powers let loose in the animal kingdom.

Parazoology brings several critters from earlier editions of Shadowrun into Fourth Edition, while also introducing brand-new beasts. Inside you’ll find the stealthy and predatory cactus cat, the mind-altering stone toad, the horrific sea wolf, and twenty-seven other critters. Complete with full-color illustrations and game statistics for every beast, Parazoology provides a host of challenges, dangers, and potential resources for your Shadowrun game.

Is there really no shadow talk at all in this release , like the sample success?

There's a Jackpoint page at the beginning, but no, there is no shadowtalk/jackpointer commentary in the meat of the book. And in this case, I don't miss it.

In Mil-Spec Tech, it felt tacked on and out of place half the time, and I would have rather had the space dedicated to an in-depth explanation of some of their choices, common optional load-outs, etc. For the little pdf's, you need the space, badly. In a book, you have room for the commentary & done right, it adds to the book. Done wrong, it feels hackneyed & thrown in out of customer expectations. Like the random "this is a great place to have sex" debates thrown into War. Sorry, could've done without knowing where Kat o' Nine Tales lost her virginity.

I think the Vorpal Beaver might give Drop-Bears a run for their money.


--- Quote from: Chaemera on ---Sorry, could've done without knowing where Kat o' Nine Tales lost her virginity.

--- End quote ---
Fits her character perfectly, however.


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