Dustoff 2.0

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« on: <04-15-17/2303:31> »
The Dustoff got a major price increase because its essentially a cheap flying motorcycle but I noticed that according to the new vehicle modification rules you can install a Rigger Cocoon or a Valkyrie Module (or both) for less than the original book price of the Dustoff. I don't know if your GM would let it get off the ground with you in it but its definitely worth asking about.


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« Reply #1 on: <04-16-17/0355:18> »
Where did you find the new price of the Dustoff? Rigger 5 had a bit of fluff mentioning it, but there was no new price mentioned in the book afaik.

And into which vehicle would you install the cocoon?

That said: A VM is a steel in any and all cases. That thing is an R6 autodoc for less than the costs of a mid level medkit.
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« Reply #2 on: <04-16-17/0448:18> »
What price increase are you referring to? The fluff one? The Dustoff is the same price and availability in both SR4A & SR5. (12,000Y & 10R)
Unless you meant keeping it's stats locked behind Bullets & Bandages when Rigger 5.0 specifically mentioned it?

The Dustoff is a Large VTOL Drone with a built-in Valkyrie Module. As a Med-Evac/Personal Chopper it's designed to carry a metahuman. As you say other options would require GM approval.

If you wanted to add a Rigger Cocoon or Valkyrie Module to another drone, the only other Large Aerial Drone is the Dalmation. Which would then cost (almost) the same as the Dustoff. Admittedly with small stat differences. Fine by me.

If you went for a non-Aerial Large Drone or any vehicle, it would cost you (Body x 3,000Y) for the Rotor mod plus the base cost of the drone and the Cocoon/Module. It would just be cheaper (and require the same licences) to buy the Dustoff.
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yes considering the book says

Std. Upgrades/Accessories: Armored patient compartment
(treat as enhanced rigger cocoon without control
interfaces), Improved Takeoff and Landing 2, Rigger

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« Reply #4 on: <04-16-17/1623:44> »
I was using the provisional changes under the Rigger 5.0 errata thread which lists the Dustoff as (maybe) getting a price bump to 40,000 and the change of the Rotor-Drone to a large size, body 4 drone. Sorry for not being explicit about that above.


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« Reply #6 on: <04-16-17/1843:04> »
Clearly someone needs to create a thread purely for quoting and referencing every time Wak provides an adjustment to all things SR5.