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page 10 "the prophecies that many followers of mentor spirits and totems have been receiving rcently"
It should read "recently".

page 16 "So far, Saeder-Krupp has sunk AET Ergonomic Systems, Alvis PLC, and Bowman Metal Works"
Corporation names mentionned in that chapter were taken from the Corporate Index. Thus, the correct name for that company ought to be AET Ergonomic Weapon Systems, which is a subsidiary of Armaments Eireann-Tir, the Irish corporation controlled by the O'Neill clan, and for which a connection to Alamais absolutly makes no sense. Bowman Metal Works is/was a Seattle company be the way.

page 30 "In recent weeks, the activities in the north from Sirrurg seem to be lining up with whatís been going on in Amzonia."
It should read "Amazonia".

page 40 "the assassination of at least three Nadjas due to Soren Johannsonís actions"
page 43 "Soren Johannson: [...] He is a wild card as he remains close to Damien Knight, who likely knows of Johannsonís actions by now. Any move he makes against Daviar must be calculated and devastating,. The consensus is that Johannson has one shot
page 50 "internal conflict between Nadja Daviar and Soren Johannson"
Original spelling was Soren Johansson in Shadows of Europe page 22, and Jet Set pages 87, 90, 92, 139, 159, 164. However, Corporate Guide page 55, Spy Games page 95, Conspiracy Theories page 38, and Jet Set page 135, 137 spelled it with two -n- and one -s-.

page 51 "On the first day of law school, however, I that is not entirely true."
It should probably read "I learnt".

page 51 "Back in the sixties, Jessica Surrateau, the chief Seraphim for Seattle, recruited several ex-Watchers and their operatives on behalf of the organization."
Her name was Jezebel Surrateau according to Blood in the Boardroom pages 60 and 61 and Corporate Download page 51.

page 51 "Arthur Vogelís purchase of Leonard Aureliusí shares of Ares when he left for CATCo in the early sixties."
Leonard Aurelius left Ares for Cross and Arthur Vogel purchased his shares of Ares in october 2059, according to Blood in the Boardroom page 19 and Corporate Download page 52.

page 52 "There are seven billion metahumans on Earth, and approximately two thousand dragons. Only two dozen or so of those are Great Dragons. [...] Destroy their financial assets, and that 350,000:1 ratio of metahumans to dragons (28,000,000:1 for great dragons) might convince the mass of metahumanity that the power differential favors them over ancient reptiles.
Correct maths would give 3,500,000:1 and 280,000,000:1 ratios.

page 66 "most of the jobs affecting Lowfyrís interests one way or another."
page 66 "I asked him to give us data on Lowfyrís lairs"
page 67 "And what corps profited? Lowfyrís."
page 67 "For twenty years Iíd laid down suppressing were for Lowfyr."
page 67 "But what Lowfyr did was intentional."
page 67 "Lowfyr wasted British lives"
page 67 "I switched sides, started taking mercenary contracts from Global Sandstorm and every other group I thought could nick up Lowfyr a little"
page 67 "she doesnít control a megacorporation like Lowfyr or Celedyr"
page 67 "a man who is dedicated to expelling the capitalist Lowfyr from their region"
page 68 "There was a meeting with Lowfyr a year ago"
page 103 "this is a chance for Naheka to get clear of Ryumyo, perhaps by joining Lowfyrís side of the conflict as an ally."
page 106 "the megacorps arenít any better, but Lowfyr is both corp and dragon"
It should read "Lofwyr".

page 68 "Atlas Mountains, Central Morocco
In 2013 a private interest discreetly commissioned the construction of a 150-acre estate to be cut into the Middle Atlas, overlooking the Oum Er-Rbia river."
Though the Oum Er-Rbia flows into Central Morocco, its source and the Middle Atlas are well into Northern Morocco.

page 68 "Aden met with Dunkehlzahn shortly before his bid for the UCAS presidency"
It should read "Dunkelzahn".

page 70 "Aden has been able to keep the peace between Al-Akhirah Aswad Mayia and the Grey Wolves."
The correct spelling is "Al-Akhirad Aswad Mayid", according to Shadows of Europe page 157 and Ghost Cartels page 56. However, Shadows of Europe page 34, Ghost Cartels page 35 and Vice page 35 features the spelling "Mayia".
As far as I understand and understands Arabic (not that much), it could also be spelled "Al-Akhirah Aswad Majid" and it means something like "The Afterlife of the Glorious Black One" (which I now realize sounds awfully like a Nyarlathotep cult).

page 74 itís difficult to blame them for taking a Rousseu-ish view of metahumanityóit is most pure in its natural state, and civilization only serves to corrupt."
It should read "Rousseau".

page 83 "It wasn't an issue of him being a feather serpent with an unstated national origin"
It should read "feathered serpent".

page 85 "The physical description of this chief partier never mathes"
It should read "never matches".

page 97 "Conclusion was Kalanyr is the son of Kaltenstien"
page 98 "The work in Glow City and Kalanyrís connection to Kaltenstien suggests research into cleansing the SOX"
It should read "Kaltenstein".

page 98 "There were rumors years ago that FB was able to purchase the land so cheaply because people in the Verge were spooked by an unexplained earthquake and massive ashfall. Earthquakes are unusual for that region, and there had been none from the time of the sale until the one that killed the FB exec."
The Verge in Redmond is located than 10 kilometers from the intersection of Seattle Fault Zone and Rattlesnake Moutain Fault Zone. Since 2003, there actually have been six earthquakes in the direct vinicity (between 1.1 and 3.6 magnitude). Not to mention slightly bigger ones, like the 4.5 that hit the west side of the Puget Sound in January 2009 and was nonethess felt throughout the Everett-Seattle-Tacoma area.

page 105 "Perianwyr was one of the recipients of the late Dunklezahnís will"
page 106 "Not to mention his personal music collection, built upon the foundation he inherited from Dunklezahn."
It should read "Dunkelzahn".

page 113 "The thought of twelve adolescent great dragon leviathans going through their teenage rebellion stage at once is enough to make me want to move to the high desert."
Inappropriate. Great dragon is the older stage of dragon's life, so a dragon cannot be adolescent and a great dragon at the same time.

page 114 "If you plan on hitting the Medrona Park apartments to check things out on your own, remember that youíre in Kalanyrís territory." (Fastjack) "Iíll ruin FastJackís surprise. The mysterious ďinteresting residentĒ at Mendrona Park is a western dragon named Kalanyr." (Slamm-0!)
Fastjack never use any expression resembling "interesting resident", and already dropped Kalanyr's name.

page 102 "If you followed Mihohi Oniís post in Vice youíll recall that each rengo is named after the family of the Oyabun, and one of the four is called the Nahekarengo."
Vice listed five major rengo (the Four Oyabun Rengo, the Naheka-rengo, the Shotozumi-rengo, the Wanibuchi-rengo and the Watada-rengo) on page 52. Though the box buggy layout doesn't make it clear the Four Oyabun rengo is one rengo, and not the title of the list, the Four Oyabun get a write-up on page 54.

page 110 "This woman is claiming the Sea Dragon didnít sleep or hibernate or go to another plane during the downcycle of magic." (Lyran)
Odd. I remember no indication in the entire text that the author, "Aqua Elf", is male or female, so how can Lyran know?

page 119 "Crimson Wingsí diverse investments include a varied but profitable stock portfolio. They hold a notable number of shares in our parent company. Also in Manadyne, Proteus AG, Lone Star, Aztechnology, MCT, and Evo."
Proteus AG is owned solely, 100%, by the Prometheus Foundation after a Corporate Court decision, according Shockwaves pages 11 and 14.
As a side note, Urubia ownership of Aztechnology shares oddly doesn't bring any comment from Jackpointers. The same can be said of Kalanyr ownership of Aztechnology and Unlimitech shares.

page 121 "Lofwyr spoke firmly in his native tongue to the assembled dignitaries that gathered before him in the spacious conference room."
Somewhat inappropriate. As a dragon, Lofwyr native language is Dragonspeech, which is telepathy. German is not his "native tongue", Lofwyr being by all accounts born millenias before even Proto-Germanic came into usage.

page 123 "Yesterday along my offices in Essen received another hundred calls from local business leaders and government officials calling for swift action to stop the violence that is being perpetrated on those metahuman citizens in GeMiTo."
It should read "alone".

page 124 "That was enough to send a brief current of psychic murmrus up and down the table."
Either a murmrus is a psychic thing dragons do, or it should read "murmurs".

page 130 "The ironic thing about this is that from what I hear, crucial elements of the design for the Skyknight were actually stolen from a deep black airbase in the heart of Aztlan. [...] Interestingly, while Aztlan was developing their own version of the Lockheed Skyknight for many years, they donít appear to be in any great hurry to bring it to market now."
page 144 "Aztechnology adaptation of Lockheed Skynight"
Inappropriate. Aztechnology didn't adapt anything, since the CAS were the one who stole their designs.

page 142 "Sinopa [...] Ess X"
Considering no implant is listed, Magic attribute is 6 and Initiate Grade is 3, I guess her Essence should be 6.
As a side note, Etiquette and knowledge skills are quite low for the head of one of the major intelligence agencies in North America.
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