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page 26 2035: Vegas Inc. "Shortly after the formation of the Pueblo Corporate Council, the Las Vegas Metroplex is created."
page 27 2064: Las Vegas 2.0 "The Crash 2.0 wipes out nearly all records of currency in Las Vegas. A riot that lasts three days starts, and PuebSec has to resort to non-lethal violence, killing twenty-some people."
page 32 "The first thing that the PCC did when it formed was to restore and upgrade the [Hoover Dam] decaying structure, turning it into a gleaming structure of black ferrocrete. When the PCC took over the place, they renamed it Howling Dam, but that didnít last long."
Las Vegas was inside Ute borders between 2018 and 2067, not Pueblo, according to the map in Neo-anarchist Guide to North America, Native America Nations Volume One pages 119, 132-134 and Shadows of North America pages 11, 43, 90, 182, 186, 202 and 203. The entire chapter seems to have been written as if the Ute Nation never existed, or as if the Pueblo always had control of Las Vegas. The sentences above are just where it is the most obvious.

page 32 "In Corporate Council law, that means it inherits extraterritorial status from its parent corporation, but according to PCC law it does not."
I guess it should be "Corporate Court." If you ask me, there is no such thing a "Corporate Court law," only local law implementing Corporate Court requirements, but that would be a long discussion. Besides, it could be handwaved by simply saying the Jackpointer posting is wrong.

page 53 "The nightclub Dazzlers in the exotic."
It misses a verb.

page 54 "Viritual Initiative: 9"
It should read "Virtual Initiative".

page 56 "the kidnapping of three Horizon employees is a federal offense under UCSA law"
It should read "UCAS".

page 83 "This means that when the Horizon personnel, they are met by PCC security, and a firefight breaks out."
It misses a verb.

page 85 "Cairook, quite despondent, leads the runners back to the central camp of Metahumanity Alive."
page 89 "At Metahumanity Alive, we are citizens of one nationóthe Metahumanity Alive nation."
The events is called Metahumanity Ablaze elsewhere in the chapter.

page 85 "Unfortunately they canít communicate from MA because of the lack of Matric access"
It should read "Matrix".

page 86 "He wonít go back Metahumanity Ablaze"
It probably should read "He won't got back to Metahumanity Ablaze"

page 89
Knowledge Skills: CFS Musicians, Los Angeles Streets, PCC Musicians, Surfing
The skills miss a rating.

page 92 "The Dawkins Group has been working to interfere with the Treat of Denver renegotiations"
Treat or Tricks of Denver ? It should read "Treaty".

page 95 "It has not been easy to get news coverage of the Az-Am war that is in any way favorable to Aztlan KMAGís Dinah Crow has been very supportive of Amazonia in the war, and she regularly meets with sources in the Compri Hotel."
There should be a punctuation between "Aztlan" and "KMAG".

page 98 "He telles them that for the firat leg of the journey they are to travel to Anchorage in the Athabaskan Council, and from there south to the Harding Icefield.
It should read "tells" and "first".

page 105 "Not every runner present has to be a character of future import, but this provides a useful opportunity to foreshadow future campaign developments or introduce relationships that could keep the runnersí lives interesting in the future."
It should read "importance".

page 107
AR games can mimic realistic settings such as Old West saloon poker (complete with gunfights) and secret agent roulette (complete with sex simulations involving dangerous double agents).
Sex simulations in an AR games would be quite lame when compared to VR.

page 111 "Keeping it upright requires a Dexterity + Pilot Ground Vehicle (3) Test."
It should read "Pilot Ground Craft + Reaction".

page 118
"Landing requires a Pilot Aircraft + Agility (3) Test."
"Taking off requires another Pilot Aircraft + Agility (3) Test."
It should read Pilot Aircraft + Reaction.

page 118 "If the runners came into the city by sea or land"
Even flooded, Salt Lake City is still not surrounded by an actual sea. It should rather read "by water or land"

page 119 "A glitch on a Piloting roll"
Nitpicking. In spite of what capitalization would suggest, SR rules defines no such thing as "Piloting roll". It should be a "Vehicle test" or "Pilot Aircraft or Pilot Watercraft roll" or "Vehicle Active Skill roll".

page 120 "Qualities: Ambidexterous, Quick Healer, Spirit Bane (spirits of water), Toughness, Weak Immune System, Will to Live (Rating 2)"
page 135 "Qualities: Ambidexterous, Biocompatibility (Cyberware)
It should read "Ambidexterous".

page 136 "Knowledge Skills: Corporate Finances 4, Corporate Politics 4, Management Techniques"
The last skill misses a rating.

page 140
Elite Security Mage and Elite Technomancer have no Qualities listed. They should have Magician and Technomancer (since even obvious Qualities were listed for Dawkins Group Trained Guards (Adepts) and Eagle Security Shaman).

page 142 "Qualities: Trustworthy (Con, 20 BP)
According to Runner's Companion page 101, at 20 BP, the Trustworthy Positive Quality applies to the entire Influence skill group.

page 143 "Qualities: Exceptional Attribute (charisma), First Impression, Combat Paralysis, Gremlins (Rating 2)"
As an attribute, Charisma should be capitalized.
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