Deadly Waves Errata proposal

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Hi Folks,
I am currently translating the Runner's Black Book in french, which forces me to look into details. Here is the list of issues we spotted in Deadly Waves. Not all of them are new issues, many were already reported in various threads of this forum (thanks to the posters by the way). And yes, some of them are nitpicking :)

Aztech Profit Transport:
What is the reason for branding it Aztech instead of Aztechnology. I would understand for shadowtalk but not the “official” naming. I assume it shall be reverted to Aztechnology.

Zeppelinwerke Elite Cruiser:
This ship is presented as a ostentatious display of wealth and privilege but does not have any living amenities. I assume it also has Living Amenities (Luxury) as standard upgrade.

Cartels Courier:
Hard Exit explains in his shadowtalk that these semi-sub can be used as a way out of Bogota. However Bogota is not located on any seas. Moreover, in order to reach the sea form Bogota using rivers one need to go throug a big waterfall (
While I can admit that it may be possible to use a semi-sub to exit Bogota and to leave the semi-sub before the waterfall, I see no reason for the cartels to bring/build a semi-sub in Bogota that will never be able to reach the open sea.

Cunard Princess Victoria Liner:
The first shadowtalker is Slamm-O! (with a letter). I assume he is Slamm-0! (figure 0)

Kravenor Triton-Class:
In his shadowtalk, Traveler Jones refers to a Grand Dragon missile launcher. Does the author mean Great Dragon from Arsenal?

Krasnaya Sormova Vaneyev Class Submarine:
The text refers to Kosmomolsk, I assume the author meant Komsomolsk.

SK Subskimmer:
The statistics block contains Length however this ship does not follow War! naval vessels rules (15 meters is way too small for a naval vessel and it has a body attribute instead of structure for naval vessels). I suggest to remove the length from the table and add it to the description to avoid confusion.

Automation Systems Inc. Marine Crawler:
The description specify that it uses both tracks and waterjet. However neither are present as standard upgrades. Shall tracked vehicule and ducted waterjet upgrades be added?
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