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Hi Folks,
I am currently translating the Runner's Black Book in french, which forces me to look into details. Here is the list of issues we spotted in Gun H(e)aven. Not all of them are new issues, many were already reported in various threads of this forum (thanks to the posters by the way). And yes, some of them are nitpicking :)

Enfield M1098 & M-16:
One of the shadowtalker is Blank Mamba, I assume I shall read Black Mamba.

Ruger T-983:
Hard Exit first shadowtalk makes me think that the author intended to equip the weapon with a Safe Target System instead of an Advanced Safety System as he explains that it prevents friendly fire.

Ares Predator I:
The Ares Predator I is listed with a clip of 10 rounds, whereas in SR1/SR2 it used 15 rounds clips. I assume the correct value is 15 rounds.

HK Mk31:
It is equipped with a sound suppressor, but sound suppressors can only be used with weapons that fire burst or full automatic mode. I assume it is equipped with a silencer (see SR4A, p.322 for details about sound suppressor and silencer).

Berreta 97:
The Berreta 97 features a short-burst capability (BF mode), but the statistics specify SA/BF* and the text associated with the * is missing. Is the * a type or is there some limitations associated to its BF capability? (e.g. the Berreta 97 need a complex action to fire a short burst, as the Salvalette Guardian (Arsenal, p.24)).

Ruger Bloodhawk:
The description states that it has a high-tensile steel frame with iron and composite reinforcements that  do allow for a large individual to effectively use it as an improvised weapon. This description makes me think that it should have Melee Hardening but it does not... I assume it should be added.

M-4A1 Carbine:
It is equipped with a folding stock but its recoil compensation value is 1. As the folding stock only provide an optional recoil compensation I assume its score shall be (1) instead.
Furthermore, the picture also shows a foregrip, which is missing in the accessories list and would push the recoil compensation to (2).

Jianshi QBZ-14 & Ultimax 150 & Kriss X:
These weapons can be equipped with a powered slide mount, but the number of slots of the slide mount is not defined. I assume it is a rating 1 slide mount (as for the RP-63A)

HK MP-7:
There are two clip sizes (20 and 30 rounds). I assume there are large capacity clips available, but the description does not mention anything such. Furthermore, there is no price for such clips.

Ultimax 150 (this is more a remark than an errata...):
It is clearly mentionned in the shadowtalks that the commlink is not a very good one, however response/firewall/system 2 is a bad joke. Picador mentions that Renraku is selling a pack with nasty milspec firewall and IC. How do you run a milspec IC on a response/system 2 commlink? A basic drone is a rating 3 device, a security drone is rating 4 and military is rating 5. What we have here is a rating 2 military device! I mean "not strong" for military should be rating 4.

Steyr Minotaur:
It embeds and advanced safety system but no smartlink. However the description of the advance safety system states that it can only be used on a smartlinked gun, which is not the case of the Minotaur. How should it be fixed?
The description of the Minotaur states that it has a gaz-vent, but it is not listed in the equipements. I assume it shall be added to the equipement (gaz-vent 2) and the recoil compensation values changes to 2 (4). In case the gaz-vent is not to be added, the RC shall be (2) instead of 2 for the bipod because it is only optionnal.

In Glitch shadowtalk I assume inventive shall be read incentive.

Evington’s Propelled Katana:
The Katana is named Evington’s Katana in the title and fluff but Everson’s Katana above the statistics. I assume Evington’s Katana is the correct name.

Izom Armaments RP-63A:
It is provided with a standard magazine and and extended magazine, however only one magazine size is provided. Given the size provided for the magazine (25) I assume this is the extended size. Therefore I calculate the standard magazine size to be 25/1.25=20. Is it correct?
It is listed as a machine pistol, whereas other pistols BF capable with 5P/-1 damages (Ruger Thunderbolt) is listed as heavy pistol and all other machine pistols are 4P/- as damage. Is it intended or shall it be changed to heavy pistol?

Ruget T-983 & Onotari Xfactor III & Steyr Minotaur & Ogre Hammer:
These weapons are listed with advanced safety system and/or safe target system. Advanced safety system is listed twice in arsenal, as accessory (p. 32) and as modification (p. 148). When listed as modification, it is speficied that a smartlink is needed, but there is no such mention where it is listed as accessory (the same applies to the safe target system). Is the information missing in the accessory chapter, or is the difference made on purpose?
Furthermore it is specified in Arsenal (p. 148, modifications vs accessories) that when a weapon is equiped with such an upgrade off the rack it shall be considered as a modification, thus requiring the smartlink. However some weapons of the RBB are equiped with one of those upgrades but not with a smartlink. Is there a fix to apply or shall we consider that as these modifications are off-the-rack this rule does not apply? (in the later case I would add a note to clarify this point to the players)
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