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"With the Disenchanting skill, a focus can be effectively recycled, as a portion of the freed mana can recharge spent reagents. To break a focus down into reagents and totally destroy it, a magician must have touch contact with it. Breaking down a focus requires an Opposed Disenchanting + Magic [Astral] v. targetís Force (+ ownerís Magic if bonded and if the focus isnít yours) Test. If you succeed in this test, the focus ceases to be.The telesma at the heart of it disintegrates and is unusable.

The mana released from the destruction of the astral construct can be channeled into objects of the magicianís tradition, making them into reagents. Make an Alchemy + Magic [Astral] Test. Every success creates one reagent, up to maximum of one-third of the reagents used in creating the focus (see step 4 of Artificing, p. 306). This process takes a number of hours equal to the targetís Force."

There appears to be two separate processes here. The Disenchanting process and the Alchemy recycling process. The [force x hours] time frame appears to refer to the Alchemy process.

It is not clear how long the Disenchanting test takes. i.e. If it were a complex action it might be use offensively in combat situations.