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page 2, JackPoint login page, "James Meiers of Atlanta, Georgia CAS is found alive and well despite being declared dead approximately four months ago."
This refers to Jet Set adventure Nine-Tenths but the dates don't match. This appears on JackPoint login page with on 15 Jun 2075. The topic that mentioned James Meiers death was already opened on JackPoint by 01/14/2074 in Jet Set, pages 27 and 28. So it ought to be 17 months rather than 4.

page 4, "I wanted to think you personally for your assistance"
It should read "thank".

page 8, Zhang Chin stats, "Languages: Chinese N, English 4, Japanese 4"
page 8, Zhang Mao stats, "Languages: Aztlan Spanish 3, Chinese N, English 4, German 2,
Japanese 4, Russian 3"
Their father Zhang Shin worked for Combat, Inc. and their mercenary unit is also headquartered in Hong Kong, so it would make more sense for them to speak Cantonese as their native language, not "Chinese" (which is either the entire language family, or the Mandarin language spoken by the Han).

page 8, 13, 41, 44, 49, 50, 51, Languages: [...] Aztlan Spanish
page 18, 23 28, Languages: [...] Spanish (Aztlan)
The same nomenclature should be used everywhere.

page 12, "In 3035, she signed on with the 180th."
It should read "2035".

page 16 "In 2053, El Cuadrilla took their first major contract as a unit and faced the first serious challenge to their code. [...] An NEEC observer investigated, but couldn’t find any evidence to support the charges."
According to Shadows of Europe, page 16, the New European Economic Community or NEEC, was officially inaugurated on April 24, 2063, ten years later.

page 17, "El Caudrilla was at their Cape Town compound when the Crash hit,"
It should read "cuadrilla".

page 18, Picador stats, "Languages: English 4, Spanish N, Spanish (Aztlan) 4, German 2, Japanese 2"
Picador hails from a wealthy Portuguese family and heads a mercenary unit based out of Lisbon, yet she doesn't speak Portuguese, even as a secondary language.

page 22 "the idea being that checks would focus weapons, not crates containing thousands of rounds of ammunition"
It should read "would focus on weapons"

page 26 "the Iwo Jima began active duty for the USN in 2013 during the Indian Wars"
According to Sixth World Almanac, the "Indian Wars" did not start before Daniel Coleman broadcast on 2014, June 10th.

page 28, Marion Wayne stats, "Languages: English N, German, Spanish (Aztlan), Russian"
The Language skills have no rating.

page 35 "how you and someone named Argent pulled a Sparticus"
Unless a Sparticus is something very specific that I do not know about, I think it should read "Spartacus".

page 37, "Rainwalker, along with five other dragons, was first spotted among the Caucasus and Ural mountains sometime between 2068 and 2069. Also according to rumor, she and those other dragons were vassals of Dunkelzahn and traveled to Lake Louise to determine what happened to their former master."
Although dragons are very patient creatures, it might be between 2058 and 2059, much closer to Dunkelzahn death in 2057.
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