[FA] New options from Forbidden Arcana

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« Reply #75 on: <06-26-17/0805:43> »
Water - Weather Control is extremely powerful if you want to prepare a run where you don't want any flying drones or helis on your tail.
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« Reply #76 on: <06-26-17/2038:16> »
Voodoo Apprentice- Health Magic
1 point in Spellcasting, 6 points is Summoning
Learn Imp Reflexes, Healing and whatever other health spells you want at 5karma each.
Dedicated Conjurer for 5 karma.
You now can't cast spells but can summon 4 types of spirits.
The Health Spirit is Man for Voodoo so it can cast the spells you know but can no longer cast.
At force 6 while it possesses you it probably gives a +3 to all your physical stats.

Should pick up the Task Spirit as one of the 3 because it's like skill wires for technical/physical skills but magical.
Should pick up Guardian Spirit for the same reason but it's combat skills.
The third spirit to pick up, I'm not sure about.

Yeah, didn't expand too much on my post about this, but apprentice, or any caster, losing 'casting' and using a 'man spirit' for it is quite nice.

Personally I like going for materialization spirits recently for the action economy.

Spells are a bit prohibitive due to apprentice technically not gaining any, and spending 5 karma a pop.  The "effectiveness" is you can place Magic at D priority, and still have access to skills like "counterspell" vs an aspected conjurer.  Otherwise, once you start doing too many spells, it becomes better once again to become a full mage, least IMO.


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« Reply #77 on: <07-13-17/0548:00> »
I don't think someone mentioned it yet though it might be an obvious trick but since Mastery Qualities karma cost does not increase you can just keep 5 karma at the end of chargen to learn the cheapest ones. The main benefit of doing so is to bypass the 25 karma limit of positive qualites (for instance build a Aspected Spellcaster with Mentor Spirit and Focused Concentration 5 and buy Dedicated Spellslinger after chargen).

By the way I feel like Dedicated Spellslinger should give a little something more than extra spells. For a full Magician you have to completely give up Conjuring just for some spells? In comparison Dedicated Conjurer also give access to new spirits (which are harder to acquire than spells) and it gives a small bonus on drain.


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« Reply #78 on: <07-13-17/1944:48> »
to be fair it's a lot of spells.
7 for most characters.  8 if you took aptitude
So you could start with as many as 18 spells.
That reasonably serious business.
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« Reply #79 on: <07-18-17/0436:12> »
And makes future ones cheaper. If you want to be a utility mage, I could see that making a tremendous difference. Though it is obviously built for Aspected casters, a full mage just doesn't benefit as much.
Starting with potentially that many spells (up to 17 being reasonable) can allow you to have something for every situation that isn't necessarily "put pointy end towards obnoxious element and apply repeatedly".
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