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« on: (22:27:00/02-07-11) »
hello admin,

My friends and I are interested in Shadowrun RPG, We are a group of RPG fans and downloaded the Quick Start Set to play. We got lots of fun with it, so a idea jump into our mind: why not intro it to our chinese gamers? So here is the plan: we translate the Free Shadowrun Quick-Start Rules into chinese completely, and make it to PDF file for download and read.

Could we get the permission?

p.s: Im sorry i have to post this message on the board, cause I've sent two e-mails with no response.

Wait ur reply! Thank you.

Please forgive me if I have offended you.  ;)

Hao Zhang


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« Reply #1 on: (10:02:42/02-10-11) »
You haven't offended me at all! Thanks for being willing to spread Shadowrun to others. Let me check with the higher-ups and see what they say.

Jason H.
Jason M. Hardy
Shadowrun Line Developer

"The thing is, Im serious about what I do, and the people with whom I associate are serious about what they do. Were all serious people. Look, I can even make a serious face. See?" --Quinn Bailey


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« Reply #2 on: (09:42:29/02-11-11) »
Thank you Jason!

Im very glad to see ur words.

I'm ready to Run. ;-D