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Title: Lightning Children
Post by: bobo69 on <10-05-10/0911:27>
Well I was just reading Shadows of Asia p. 39. Beijing Mandate of Heaven. Looks like we have the first instance of Lightning Children in Shadowrun.

OK Lightning Children is basically a race native to Cathay in Earthdawn(they are in the new Cathay book from Red Brick) that are born in the aftermath of a lightning strike on the ground. They are born in a adult human form with no recollection on who he was. They have lightning spirit powers.

So looks like Li Tianzi first emperor of Beijing is a Lightning Child.
Title: Re: Lightning Children
Post by: Archivist on <10-06-10/1256:46>
Interesting catch!  Especially since that book predates Red Brick's Cathay book by quite a few years right?

Coincidentally, a new player in my group just created a magician focused on lightning magic with the Amnesia flaw.  He's hoping I can help him fill in his background over time.  He also has Gremlins that keep shorting out electronics near him.  Hmmmm  8)
Title: Re: Lightning Children
Post by: bobo69 on <10-06-10/1404:13>
If you want more info on the "lightning children"

There is an interview with the writer of Cathay

Made a mistake, they are actually called Storm Children.

They are also featured in that Earthdawn novel set in Cathay published by Red Brick. Highly recomended btw, great stuff.